One of the things people love about working at early stage startup is the opportunity for growth - some may say the possibilities are endless. If you ask Sarah Bobulsky, current Senior Director, Commercial at Helix, she would probably agree. Sarah has held three different roles at Helix over the last three years, and through her own personal contributions, helped shaped the growth of the organization. Ask Sarah anything during this live Q&A and discover how you can continue to grow within your own startup while defining your role (and success)!

Meet The Speaker

Sarah Bobulsky
Sarah Bobulsky

Sarah leads the strategy and marketing teams at Helix, a population genomics company. Over the nearly four years she’s been at Helix, Sarah has worn a number of different hats from BD to PR to corporate development. Prior to Helix, Sarah was a VP in EY-Parthenon’s strategy consulting practice, leading engagements for healthcare and life sciences companies.


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