As I began my journey aspiring to be a great leader for my team, in a fast-paced, tech startup, I realized early into my leadership journey that people are used to thinking one can only be strong in either, this or that and not both. I call it “setting expectations in binaries”. How can the same person be —social AND task-oriented? Empathetic for her colleagues AND be radically candid? Intuitive about decisions AND be data centric? Kick-ass and warm-and-fuzzy? If that sounds familiar, you also know questioning the status quo is easier said than done. I will share with you my frameworks that I use to bring my entire self to work so that I can play to my strengths despite social norms.

In this chat, I want you to walk away with:

  • A framework to list your strengths and perform from a place of abundance to find success.
  • How to take yourself from mediocrity to a stage where they cannot ignore you.
  • How to get comfortable with your vulnerabilities to break the glass ceiling and achieve greatness.

Meet The Speaker

Mallika Rao
Mallika Rao

Mallika Rao loves solving difficult problems in tech. She mindfully rose through the ranks as an IC and tech-lead in both big and small companies and now enjoys her work as an Engineering Leader at a startup. She believes that her team and people are the company's first customers and walks this talk every day. She has helped scale the team in both number and culture and product in revenue and customer happiness with one core value, i.e. servant leadership.


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