As an Asian American woman in Research and Engineering, I know it can be both exciting and challenging to navigate the corporate workplace. I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing leaders and I have learned a lot from them. I experimented with a lot of different techniques and regularly reflected on myself. In this process, I learned how to stay true to myself and bring my vision and values to my everyday work.

During this chat, we will cover:

  • Create a success plan for your current role and a gap plan for your next role
  • Take an initiative and pitch an idea
  • Build credibility and get invited to take part in important initiatives

Meet The Speaker

Reshma Shahabuddin
Reshma Shahabuddin

Reshma Shahabuddin is a Principal Program Manager at Sophos. She helps teams coordinate and collaborate to reliably deliver high-quality products and business outcomes. You can find her on LinkedIn at rshahabuddin.


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