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Technical Sales - A Career Of The Future

Technical Sales -  A Career Of The Future

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Ever wondered how you can leverage your technical skills, communication skills and ability to easily translate business needs into technology solutions? Technical Sales! This is an exciting career path that leverages the extensive knowledge of a product as well as communication skills to make a sale happen. Marjorie Abdelkrime, a business technology leader, is joining us to help define technical sales, provide strategies to become a better technical salesperson, and help you land your next technical sales role - a position that's in HIGH demand!

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Marjorie is a believer of "Starting with Why". Marjorie's Why is to inspire and uplift others to shatter boundaries so that they become impactful contributors to society.  Marjorie is a Business Technology Leader with 15 years experience managing and growing software sales, consulting businesses, service solution design and customer service excellence by leveraging technology solutions to resolve business problems. Currently, she leads Strategy and Planning for the Americas Solution Engineering team at VMware. 

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*LIVE* Interview Coaching With PowerToFly's Career Coach 5/2

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Telling A Story With Your Code
Telling A Story With Your Code

Just as writers have ink and paper, code plays an analogous role in a developers' "story". Programming is storytelling. As with all stories, there are drafts and revisions, parts that are easier to write than others, and just like with your favorite novel, a few small changes can make a huge impact on the ending. Latisha McNeel, a Full-Stack Developer at G2i is joining us for an hour of live Q&A to answer your questions about how you can develop your own story through code. During this chat, you'll also have the opportunity to learn all about the open roles at G2i, tips for your application, and what they are looking for in their next hire! You asked, she's answering: Can you give us an example of using code to tell a story? How can I improve my storytelling? What's the biggest roadblock you've faced as a developer? MEET THE SPEAKER: Latisha McNeel is a Full-Stack Developer with a focus on front-end and user experience. In addition to her full-time coding job, she teaches the Full-Stack Flex Coding Bootcamp at the University of Texas at Austin in Houston. She has two cats and enjoys hiking, with plans to complete her first thru-hike later this year.

How Women in Cannabis are Fighting for a Female Future
How Women in Cannabis are Fighting for a Female Future

Women make up roughly 36% of the leaders in the cannabis industry, including 63% of high-level positions - that's 26% higher than the number of women represented in top management roles at S&P 1500 companies. Join Jeannette Ward Horton, VP of Global Marketing and Communications for MJ Freeway (an Enterprise resource planning software for the cannabis industry) for an interactive Q&A on how women in cannabis are fighting for a female future! You asked, she's answering: What has the cannabis industry done differently that's attracting so many women? How is this industry retaining their employees? What can other companies learn from MJ Freeway? & more! MEET THE SPEAKER: Jeannette Ward Horton is the VP of Global Marketing and Communications for MJ Freeway with 15 years of experience leading communications, marketing, and change management for large and small companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot and UPS. She is also a founding board member of NuLeaf Project, a City of Portland-funded initiative to increase the number of successful cannabis businesses of color within Portland through capital grants and business coaching. Jeannette’s work has been featured in BusinessWeek and among Corporate Executive Board’s world-class best communications practices. She has a BA from Spelman College and an MA from Georgia State University.