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Taking Your Marketing Skills Outside Work To Hone Your Passion Project

Do you have a project outside of work that you're extremely passionate about, but can't find the time to devote towards marketing it? Asya Bashina, Growth Marketer and Business Developer has been in your shoes, and has the skills to take your passion project to the next level! Join this hour-long live chat and learn the marketing techniques you need to make your dreams a reality! 

You asked, she's answering:

  • What's the best marketing that can be done on a low/ no budget?
  • How important is social media?
  • How many hours weekly do you spend on your passion project?
  • & more! 


Asya is growth marketer and business developer by trade and a Women in Tech advocate outside of work! Asya has held multiple marketing roles with increasing responsibility at both large and small B2B companies such as SolidWorks, Neurala, product board and GrokStyle (acquired by Facebook). Asya also has a passion for VC investing and is currently a fellow at Triphammer Ventures at Alumni Venture Group, prior to that she was an Associate at Red Bear Angels. In her spare time, Asya has found many ways to engage and promote Diversity in Tech through her blog series at SolidWorks, a Women in STEM Lean In Circle and Chapter she started, and most recently, a podcast series called "Mind the Gap Radio", a series focused on promoting the stories of different people from diverse backgrounds (LGBTQA+, women, minorities) and the stories of what inspired them to work in tech and business. Feel free to connect with Asya on LinkedIn or Twitter. 


This is a live Q&A with a subject matter expert - ask a question to spark a conversation!

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*LIVE* Data Hour 4/4

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How To Turn Data Into Profits

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