Arize AI is an ML observability platform enabling ML practitioners to better detect and diagnose model issues

Our Company

Our founders Jason Lopatecki and Aparna Dhinakaran were brought together through a common frustration: investments in AI are growing rapidly across businesses and organizations of all types, yet it is incredibly difficult to understand why a machine learning model behaves the way it does when deployed into the real world. If a machine learning team doesn’t have the tools to answer basic questions about a model’s performance metrics, how could they even attempt to answer more complex questions about the impact of these systems on the communities they are meant to serve?

From that passion emerged Arize, a machine learning observability platform to help unpack the proverbial AI black box. Our solutions provide ML teams the tools they need to understand whether their models are performing as expected in production and quickly get to the cause behind issues that emerge.

Our Mission

To make the world’s AI work and work for the people.

Where Technology Meets Humanity

At Arize, we believe the relationship between humans and AI should be complementary. That’s why we strive to:

  • GuideHelp people understand predictive systems from research to production
  • TroubleshootDetangle the complexity of ML models
  • WatchLook after ethical and fair guidelines
  • SupportProvide tooling to help better our world

Join us as we embark on a mission to help organizations better leverage machine learning and AI to enhance the lives of their customers, employees, communities, and society at large.

Core Values

Our core values are our north star, keeping us all on the same page:

  • Integrity. Do what you say, say what you do
  • Balance. Hold space for what matters to you
  • Candor. Be open, be honest, be constructive
  • Humility. Keep a learning mindset


Our Benefits

We want everyone at Arize to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  1. Comprehensive Health, Dental & Vision Plans
  2. Flexible Paid Time Off
  3. 401K Plans
  4. Remote-Friendly
  5. Commuter Benefits
  6. Parental Leave
  7. Wellbeing Resources

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