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Crossover connects talent from around the globe with companies that are looking to hire only the best. We have more than 2500 partners from 131 different countries working full time (40 hrs/wk) for our clients, and we are growing quickly, as we have more customer demand than we can find good people. We are also a mission‐driven company — we believe in providing people with high‐paying, long‐term jobs and careers. We are not a marketplace in which companies are trying to hire someone at rock‐bottom rates for temporary work.

Crossover is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA. We operate 100% remotely. So although we have a corporate mailing address, our global talent network is located across nearly 100 countries, working from any local on where they can be most effective (in a cafe, at home, on the road, etc).

Crossover as a brand was established in 2014. We are well funded and growing quickly. Andy Tryba is the founder and CEO of Crossover. He was also an advisor to the U.S. White House on the future of jobs and engineering talent. Andy’s passion is to drive the future of work in a global, interconnected society. By enabling high‐skill job growth, we can raise the standard of living across the globe. Andy’s background also includes roles as the Director of Strategy at Intel Corporation as well as the CEO of other successful tech startups. See Andy’s LinkedIn Profile or ask Andy a question on Quora.

Some of the things our partners appreciate most about Crossover include:

  • great wages that are paid on time and consistently
  • complete flexibility
  • setting your own schedule
  • working with great team members who are top performers
  • working with people from all over the world
  • increased productivity due to reduced commute time
  • ability to spend more time with family
  • ability to work from anywhere in the world
  • diversity

Since Crossover is a 100% remote company, you get to work with the finest teams around the world. We have a network of talent from India, Pakistan, Romania, Ukraine, Egypt, Argentina, the USA, Italy, and more—100 countries in all. We believe that diversity is our greatest strength!

Working at Crossover offers a lot more benefits other than the ones mentioned. Suffice it to say that we’re very excited to be hiring talented folks like you, and we welcome you to the future of work!!

Crossover has hired from over 131 countries. Chances are we’ve hired from yours. All you need is a strong Internet connection and the desire to work hard. Visit the Crossover job board to see a list of available positions.

We replace the benefits that a traditional employer would give to you (such as a company car, a fridge full of snacks, cushy office space, nap pods, massage chairs, etc.) and instead give the extra income back to you to make your own decisions based on your own needs. We believe in giving you all your money upfront and letting you choose the benefits that work for you. Therefore, we do not currently offer a benefits package.

We are not recruiters, and Crossover is not a short-term freelancer marketplace. We believe in long-term relationships, not outsourcing. When you take the time to go through the testing process and you are hired, you become part of Crossover’s global network. We believe that the workplace of the future isn’t based on 30-year careers, but rather strategic “tours” where you maximize your skill set in a particular job role, then pivot to the next role. We aim to facilitate your career growth by providing skills training, feedback, and new opportunities within Crossover also. Each pivot, or tour, is an average of one to three years, but your duration with Crossover on the whole is unlimited.

Our clients are Fortune 1000 companies that have challenging problems to solve. Some of our clients include Aurea, Mobi, Ignite, Upland, 3Seventy, Dispatchr, POPinNow, Versata,,, and DevFactory. We also believe in vetting our clients, since we know that great talent wants to work for great companies. We help facilitate great matches for long-term success.

Primarily we have technical roles, everything from technical support to chief architects. To find a list of all available positions, visit our job board: