Guru is a dynamic, fast growing start-up based in Philadelphia and San Francisco. Our mission is to reinvent the way people connect with meaningful information at work. Guru’s knowledge management solution provides customer-facing teams access to expert-verified information where they work and when they need it most. We believe in cultivating a welcoming, inclusive culture that encourages personal growth through working hard and having fun.

Launched in September 2015, our vision is backed by an amazing group of investors including Accel Partners, FirstMark Capital, Salesforce, Michael Dell, the Slack Fund, Emergence Capital, and Thrive Capital. As we enter the next exciting stage of expansion, we're searching for passionate individuals to join our growing team.

Our Core Values

At Guru, our core values bind us together, influence how we work, and definitely lead to many, many high-fives each day.

  • Don't take yourself too seriously.
    • Seek balance. Shift towards harmony in life and in work by being your whole self. You’re worth more than your accomplishments. Remember to laugh and play, and maximize your energy through rest.
    • Assume good intent. Leave your ego at the door. Remember that everyone is working towards the same goals. Choose curiosity, because a lesson learned is more important than being right. We get things done while building relationships, and we build relationships on trust and humility.
  • Create Advocates.
    • Empower customers. Happy, successful customers = happy, successful us.‍‍
    • Every role is customer-facing. A customer problem is never someone else’s problem. We are each responsible for creating a customer experience we’re proud of.
  • Embrace the journey.
    • Be intentional. Spend time and energy with great care. Align your intentions with your behaviors and your impact. Know that choosing to do a few things really well will have a lasting impact. Even though there will be times you sprint, make sure you maintain a marathon mindset.
    • Have grit. Tap into your passion to persevere, especially through tough challenges. Difficult days that move us forward are part of the journey.
  • Seek and share knowledge.
    • Be transparent. Give context. Share what you know. Care about others’ understanding of what you say.‍
    • Seek diverse views for better outcomes. Embrace diverse experiences, backgrounds, and skill sets to make us stronger and smarter. Nothing revolutionary was ever created in an echo chamber.
  • Learn and grow.
    • Foster a growth mindset. Learn from failure. Take your full responsibility instead of placing blame. Rememberthat lasting success doesn’t come without effort, and that continuous improvement requires change.
    • Give and listen to feedback. We give candid and kind feedback. We receive feedback with openness, curiosity, and a commitment to learning. Iterations are not an indication of failure. We’re here to help each other grow and get better. We encourage each other to bring our best.
  • Give first.
    • Be generous to our colleagues. Save the team by sharing your time, your wisdom, your talents, and your imagination. Share your half-baked ideas freely because half-baked ideas make the best jumping-off points.
    • Give to our communities. We show gratitude for our privileges and dedicate time and energy to improve the world around us.
Benefits to you:
  1. Competitive salary
  2. Employee Stock Option Plan
  3. Generous health and commuter benefits
  4. Dog Friendly Office
  5. 401k Program
  6. The chance to contribute to an upbeat, fully engaged culture

Sound good? Wanna work here?

Check out our open positions below, and apply to ones that interest you. We look forward to receiving your application!