Why Women Love Working at Mindbody

Mindbody is a health, wellness and fitness company that helps promote healthier and happier lives. Many women already have a strong connection to Mindbody as a result of their use of the app in their daily lives. Working for a wellness company like Mindbody is more than just having a job; it is a way for women to relate to something they are passionate about and can now incorporate into their careers.

Team members of Mindbody are quickly introduced to way in which the company is focused on taking care of their employees. There are numerous affinity groups that team members are encouraged to join, like Women in Technology, whose mission is to attract, advance, and retain women in the Mindbody organization. There are also wellness benefits and many engagement programs to bring team members closer to Mindbody’s culture of healthier and happier lifestyles both inside and outside of their professional lives. One of those being the Mentorship Program, which aims to empower Mindbody'ians to expand their careers by building relationships and networking with women at all career levels.

Mindbody has offices globally in the United Kingdom, United States, India and Australia.

Benefits in India:
  1. 18 vacation days + 10 paid holidays + 8 casual leave + 5 sick leave per year
  2. 26 weeks of maternity leave as per statute
  3. Parental Leave:
    • Up to 12 weeks Primary Caregiver and 6 weeks Secondary Caregiver paid parental leave providing 100% of salary.
  4. Medical, Life & Accidental benefit plans provided for employee
  5. Employee Assistance Programs, which includes 24/7 access to health care providers and face-to-face counseling
  6. Mother & Lactation facilities and resources
  7. Recreational Facilities at office including games room and yoga room
Benefits in US:
  1. 20 vacation days per year + paid holidays
  2. 401(k) and health insurance benefits
  3. Childcare FSA benefit
  4. Lactation facilities
  5. Short term disability that can be used for parental leave
  6. Flex work benefit
    • Mindbody employees can be eligible for remote and/or flex schedules based on performance and position
  7. Maternity leave coaching
    • Our onsite benefits team offers planning resources and coaching to expectant mothers
  8. Parental Leave:
    • Up to 12 weeks Primary Caregiver and 6 weeks Secondary Caregiver paid parental leave providing 100% of salary.
  9. Onsite childcare facility at San Luis Obispo Headquarters
    • Mindbody has an onsite state-of-the-art childcare center, called Little Ensos in San Luis Obispo. This center takes children from ages 6 weeks – 6 years, and is subsidized by the company. The center is run by Bright Horizons who offer discounts to Mindbody employees at other centers local to their home locations.

Mindbody's mission is focused around 7 Core Values, and support the company priority of increasing diversity & inclusivity. Mindbody encourages employees to join one of their EDI Affinity Groups, which include:

  • EDI: Mindbody's Equality, Diversity, & Inclusivity program focuses on all areas of diversity including women in leadership, women in technical positions, and provides education and support to all minority groups.
  • Women in Technology (WIT): A group of Mindbody professionals, inclusive of all genders, whose mission is to attract, advance, and retain women in our organization.
  • MBPride: A group composed of LGBTQIA+ community members and their allies, working to support and empower all employees to be their authentic selves.
  • MBVets: This group supports all active duty and retired veterans, including men and women who are impacted by family members who are serving.
  • MBUnited: A collective of ethnic, racial, cultural minority and non-minority members that look to promote intercultural dialogue, awareness, and increased opportunities for all minorities within Mindbody and our proud minority communities.
  • A11iance: A group of multidiscipline subject matter experts dedicated to designing products, devices, services and environments accessible to Mindbody team members of all abilities.

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