RADAR is a platform that combines RFID and computer vision to automate retail store processes. Our technology offers unprecedented speed and location accuracy, which allows stores to:

  1. Manage inventory efficiently, through automated inventory counts, improved in-store replenishment and instantaneous customer stock checks
  2. Measure all customer-product interactions, giving physical stores the same insight into consumer behavior and product performance as online stores.
  3. Eliminate checkout lines altogether through our autonomous checkout tool.

Our team is comprised of talented, passionate, and experienced individuals that have collectively designed and launched 18 satellites, manufactured thousands of RFID readers, and led teams and tech implementations across 1000+ stores. While retail is our initial focus, this application of our technology only scratches the surface of what we aim to accomplish. We’re building new technology from scratch to solve existing and future problems—and we're having a great time doing it. Come join us!