About Us.

We believe in strategic investing. It has guided how we do business for more than 80 years, and its driven by independent thinking and rigorous research. Our clients can be confident that we'll strive to select the right investments to help achieve their objectives.

Our Differences Are an Asset.

At T. Rowe Price, we recognize the long-term success of our clients is made possible by the rich backgrounds, perspectives, talents, and experiences of the people who work at the firm. Collaboration among our associates helps identify opportunities other firms might overlook. This belief is at the heart of our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

In 1937, our firm was founded by Thomas Rowe Price Jr. and four associates, two women and two men. This foundation set the stage for our firm today, as we continue our journey to bring the best talent from all backgrounds to the firm.

Envision your life with us by meeting our people and learning about their journey at the firm.

Investing In Our Communities.

We recognize the need to advance equity goes beyond our workplace and requires our support in the community. T. Rowe Price and its associates have a strong history of supporting programs that seek to address issues resulting from structural racism and disinvestment in communities of color.

In 2020, T. Rowe Price announced a $2 million USD donation to organizations fighting racial injustice. These efforts represent a continuation of T. Rowe Price’s commitment. Since 2015, the T. Rowe Price Foundation has granted or committed more than $4.3 million USD in grants to support organizations that empower young people of color. These grants increase access and opportunities for organizations focused on racial equity and racial justice in our communities.