How do I post a job?

It’s very easy.  Simply login or sign up as an employer and go through the job posting wizard to post a job at no cost.  Once you have signed up and selected your plan, you will be able to perform comprehensive talent searches, direct message talents and receive messages from talents interested in a position you have posted on the platform.

What type of candidates are on PowerToFly?

The women on our platform have varying levels of experience, across a wide range of industries. We are primarily screening tech candidates – backend, front-end, full stack, mobile app, and design; but our algorithmic matching capabilities of the platform can compare required skills of women in virtually any position including non-tech like PR/marketing, customer service, sales, social, and other lines of business against your company job descriptions posted on the platform.

What Services are included with Concierge Recruiting?

It’s simple. With our plans that offer Concierge Recruiting, provide us with a role and we’ll get our global team working around the clock to bring you applicants who are pre-screened for intent, coding skills and cultural fit. Talent Assessment Managers run candidates through three stages of interviews that can include code tests you provide or ones we have on file for successful clients. We will only show you top applicants who have passed our rigorous evaluation process.

What services are included in Employer Branding?

Take your goals a step further by broadcasting your diversity and inclusion efforts to hard to reach and underrepresented candidates who want to know more about what your company is doing to include them. Through co-branded webinars and events, original content to lift your brand across our partner network and syndicated shows, you’ll be speaking directly to women in tech who want to learn more about why they should join your team.

Are all candidates on PowerToFly pre-screened or “Vetted”?

No. You can see who has passed through our screening process by looking at a candidate’s profile to see whether she has a “Vetted” tag. If a candidate doesn’t have a tag it doesn’t mean she’s not eligible for vetting. Rather, it could mean a variety of things: she’s new to the platform, she doesn’t list skills that employers on the platform have posted jobs for yet, she is not in one of the tech categories we prioritize vetting for.

What does “Vetted” mean?

For clients who select our Concierge Recruiting Services we vet according to your needs while adhering to a general process that has successfully placed numerous women across major organizations. For example, companies that select “Concierge Recruiting” can administer a code review. In addition to a code review, we may screen a candidate’s work history, seek to understand how interested she is in a position and connect with her around the culture of the company she’s applying to. Each plan is different and executed by a team of talent managers who are subject matter experts in their fields. If you’re interested in Concierge Recruiting please email

How do I know I’m hiring the right person?

It all starts with what you are looking for as a hiring manager. Write a clear and concise job post. Pre-screened candidates can apply to your job with a short cover letter. You will have access to profiles, where you can review her:

  • Skills
  • Biography
  • Language and communication style

For certain pre-screened tech candidates, we may also run a third party code review. Each code review is particular to the technology stack the candidate is applying to work in. Portfolios should be included in design candidates’ profiles. If any candidate is missing vital information please email with her profile link.

Can I hire “Vetted” talent if my company is not on an enterprise level plan?

Yes. Our goal is to improve gender diversity ratios, so we’re not in the business of preventing people from hiring highly qualified women! You’re welcome to screen women on your own too, but keep in mind that we will only screen candidates for clients who are subscribed to our Concierge Recruiting Service. If you’re interested in Concierge Recruiting please email

What do the tags on the profiles mean?

Here are a few terms that we use during the vetting and hiring process:

  • Vetted: The candidate has gone through our vetting/review process
  • Junior: The candidate is just starting out in their career
  • Hired: The candidate is under contract with a client
  • Employed: The candidate is on our platform to engage with the community and may or may not be actively searching for new opportunities. The candidate would have to give notice to a current employer.
What tool can I use to manage my applicants?

The talent dashboard is a great way to manage your applicants throughout the hiring process. It provides a clear visual of where each candidate is in the process. Your account manager can happily walk you through a demo of how to best utilize this tool. If you need to be introduced to your account manager, please contact

How do I schedule interviews?

You can schedule interviews directly with the candidates via our Talent Dashboard or using a calendar tool of your choice if a candidate has published her contact details on her profile. All interviews scheduled through the dashboard will be sent to your calendaring system via a meeting request.

Why do I have to input my credit card number?

Our platform requires a credit card and payment to access your plan benefits. Registering your credit card gives you access to our candidate pool, the ability to post jobs and allows you to complete the hiring process.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can. Canceling your account will stop further billing and remove your access to the platform at the end of your current cycle, or according to your existing contract terms.

What are PowerToFly’s fees?

PowerToFly pricing plans are flexible to meet your hiring needs, based on a recurring subscription. We also offer additional payroll and benefits services for an additional fee. For details on our fee structure, please visit our Pricing Page and Terms of Service.

How do I pay the candidates I hire through PowerToFly?

You can choose a hiring plan to meet your staffing needs. Our plans are billed on a recurring subscription to give you access to our platform and ensure you can build both an active and passive pipeline of candidates. From there, you can pay a candidate in one of two ways:


  • Hire the candidate directly.
  • Engage PowerToFly’s employer of record (ADP), for an additional fee.

We accept payment via credit card, ACH-debit or wire transfer, based on Order Form terms. For additional detail on our fee structure, please visit our Terms of Service or email

Are PowerToFly candidates independent contractors or W2 employees?

PowerToFly candidates fall within three classifications depending on your requirements. If you are not using our payroll services then it’s your responsibility to classify candidates properly when you issue payments. If you use our payroll services then we will classify candidates on your behalf, according to U.S. law.

  • W2 Limited Term Employee
  • 1099 Contractor
  • Overseas Contractor
What is the minimum commitment I can make to a PowerToFly candidate?

We prefer to work with clients who meet the following terms:

  • Direct candidate hires, require no Client minimum.
  • PowerToFly payroll candidate hires require a minimum of 20 hours per week and a minimum engagement of four (4) weeks.
What if I only want to hire a contractor?

PowerToFly can facilitate contract arrangements across the board. To simplify the process, you can pay your new hires through us and we will handle legal classification on the backend for an additional fee. If you aren’t using our payroll services then you must issue your own contract to the candidate. Please contact us at if you have questions.

If you’re using our payroll services:

U.S. based citizens can be classified as W2 employees, working through PowerToFly’s employer of record (ADP) or on a 1099 contract. It is up to you to tell us the type of workload you’re expecting, so we can properly classify your candidate.

For international candidates we offer a standard international contract and NDA.

Can I negotiate rates with the candidates?

Yes, you can communicate with the candidate directly on rates using our internal messaging tool or using a communication tool of your choice if a candidate has published her contact details on her profile. If you choose to process payroll through us we will add our standard fees on top of the negotiated rate.

How will candidates report hours worked?

If you have elected to pay a contractor through PowerToFly’s employer of record (ADP), she will fill out a timesheet every two weeks and submit it to PowerToFly for payment. You will receive an invoice 48 hours prior to billing to review and approve the time billed.

Does PowerToFly manage deliverables?

No. PowerToFly’s goal is to match you with highly skilled candidates. We also operate as a payment platform for international and U.S. candidates if you choose the additional payroll options.

PowerToFly candidates are completely managed by their employers or hiring managers even if you are using our payroll service.

What kinds of projects are candidates working on?

We are currently placing women in design, development, quality assurance and project management positions. PowerToFly members have designed, built and launched apps and websites for iconic brands like Time and Good Housekeeping TV, fast-growing companies like Buzzfeed, and clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We are also placing non-tech candidates. We have candidates ranging from virtual assistants to marketing and sales leaders.

What are the requirements for creating a branded company page?

You can easily represent your company’s brand and showcase your diversity hiring initiatives by customizing your company page on PowerToFly. Upload a high quality cover photo (minimum 1920x 450 pixels), add a company logo (minimum 400 x 400 pixels), and highlight your company benefits by adding text and images to your page.

Are outside recruiters allowed to attend PowerToFly events?

All community members are welcome to attend PowerToFly events regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require accommodation to fully participate in one of our events, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Unfortunately, PowerToFly and the company it is holding an event on behalf of cannot admit outside recruiters to that particular event. Please email if you have any questions about this policy.

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