Organizational behavior frameworks like psychological safety are often thought of in isolation, but never in relation to organizational realities like workplace trauma. Different causes of workplace trauma could be attributed to unrealistic deadlines and job descriptions, burnout, toxic environments, bias, and racism.

Join the conversation ThinkHuman leaders are having about workplace trauma and how psychological safety could change that for teams and organizations.

In this chat, you will learn
  • First-hand experience and stories about workplace trauma
  • Actionable ways to give space for psychological safety in the workplace
  • How deepening relationships and having difficult conversations could go a long way with the wellbeing and psychological hygiene of team members

Meet The Speakers

Fatma Ghedira
Fatma Ghedira
Head of Community, ThinkHuman
Fatma Ghedira is a community builder and experience designer who supports organizations and community leaders in creating impactful moments, conversations and experiences that align with their values and intentions. Fatma is a marketer by experience and a psychologist by education, with formal training in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Fatma is currently Head of Community at ThinkHuman while also focusing on social justice and equity work. Outside of work, she finds inspiration in her roles as an artist, musician, yogi, and ongoing interfaith dialogue and meditation student.
Lauren Guilbeaux
Lauren Guilbeaux
Head of Growth, ThinkHuman

Lauren Guilbeaux is a sales leader and growth strategist helping companies center their sales strategy in empathy and true connection to their customers. As a trans woman in the technology space for over 12 years, Lauren is personally committed to spearheading the D&I and Leadership strategies needed to create necessary corporate culture shifts. Lauren is currently Head of Growth at ThinkHuman where she helps companies develop inclusive leaders through cohort-based training and coaching that elevates emotional intelligence and creates long-lasting behavior changes.


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