Question by Heidi, Program Project Manager
asked on 2023-03-27

I won't be able to sign on until 1:30 so if you can make sure this question is addressed in the 2nd half of the event, that would be great. I'm a great Project Manager with my PMP and ACP credentials and 10 years of experience that has been looking for a new position since November. I've applied to hundreds of jobs and can't seem to get past the 1st step. I haven't had any interviews. In February I paid a professional to update my resume and LinkedIn and am still not gaining traction. I also started to reach out to fellow PM's at the companies I apply to. Hoping to create a relationship that will help me get my resume in front of a person. 11 out of 101 have connected with me. I also send monthly updates to 30 recruiters and reach out to friends and family. 1- Do you have any tips on how to best apply to your company? Is it through the website, a certain 3rd party recruiter, or another route? 2- Do you think there is value in getting a certification like Coursera's Real-World Product Management Specialization sponsored by Advancing Women in Tech? I haven't had a paycheck in a long time so I need to put my money where it matters most. 3- Are there any other ideas you may think would help?