Question by Ty, Customer Service
asked on 2020-09-21

I have 11 years of experience in my field and have held various senior positions, one with "manager" in it, yet I can't seem to break the $60K threshold at any of my previous employers. How do I best position myself to ask for the market value of my skillset, years of experience and education (Bachelors), and not feel like I'm settling for less? I consider the total comp package including all benefits, locale (southeast), etc., and often times, I feel like it's not even close to what I deserve, especially when I compare my past salaries to my colleagues who I know have less experience than me, but holds a masters or other certificates that I don't. I've asked for $75-80k in recent interviews and have been told that's more than the company is willing to offer for this or that role and hence, I'm not moved forward. I need perspective. Thank you!