Question by Lydia, Big Data Data Scientist
asked on 2021-07-20

1) What are the employees that are consistently elevating in their role at Facebook doing that stands out during performance reviews and throughout the year? I would love to know more about how you have coached employees in your organization to develop their career at Facebook. 2) With Facebook's offices expanding to new cities, how do you handle people working in different time zones? For example, I know some companies (not FB) that have offices in Eastern, Central, and Pacific time, and it seems like people working in central time zone are expected to be available for their coworkers in other time zones (since the difference between time is "small") which causes their days to be 3 hours longer than someone on the Pacific Coast. 3) How do leaders help support employees to feel empowered to work in a balanced way that prioritizes productivity and trust? As a leader at Facebook, what is your perspective on this and how do you view career balance?