Question by Silviu-Vlad
asked on 2021-10-06

1- How did/does "work from home" affect the development process (ex: team interaction, quality assurance, knowledge sharing, team morale, agile process, pair-programming, etc...) and how can "soft skills" help mitigate the risks (ex: practices, team and company culture, individual mindset, etc...)? 2- How can we "motivate" people from the skills to "improve their soft skills" (it's pretty hard for people to accept the fact that we need to improve in that direction and most think their approach to things is the best)? 3- How do we know if we have "good soft skills" (everyone is different, has different skill-set, different approach, different standards, different understanding of what "good" is, different character, different degrees of shyness :), etc...)? 4- Any good tips for people who need to do live presentations? Thank you :)