Question by Ana, Program Project Manager
asked on 2019-07-09

So this is my short list of fears (surely there are others!): Fear #1 – What if I trade something I do relatively well (with 15+ years experience in reputable companies) for something in which I don’t even know I’m good at (to earn a living as a professional)? Fear #2 – What if I make the required sacrifices for a career switch and after a couple of years I get bored because I have multiple interests? [reference to the concepts of ‘multipotentialite’ by Emilie Wapnick and ‘scanner’ by the wonderful Barbara Sher] Fear #3 – What if I jeopardize my financial stability which I consider to be essential as an independent mom of a toddler living in a foreign country? [my earning power is my safety net] Fear #4 - What if I don't have the energy to go through a significant career switch anymore now that I'm in my 40s?