Question by Taylor
asked on 2022-08-04

My name is Taylor and I am a former educator seeking a career change. I have a masters degree curriculum and instructional design, literacy, and behavioral management. I lead special education departments and was responsible for major projects in our district. I thought due to my background in pedagogy, meticulous time and organizational management, data analysis, and most importantly , public speaking would get me a new role quickly. I am very humbled how difficult it is to switch careers. No one is taking a chance on me. I have applied to hundreds of jobs and even taken résumé webinars. Still nothing. I am at my wits end. How do I get managers to notice me? I’m looking for HR, client relations , executive assistant, or jr project management. I was a project manager for a software development company and their contact writer who specialize in Telehealth. Still I receive crickets through my phone and email.