Question by Dedipya, 3D Animation Designer
asked on 2019-07-16

I work in tech, and what I do is very cutting edge, but it has a shelf life. It isn't very stable, it is something I've done for a decade now, and I've traveled the world chasing jobs, but now that I'm a new mom, moving so often isn't something I want to do. Moving is also so financially draining. Stability financial and otherwise, is something that I'd like to provide for my child. But to do so, I'd definitely have to find something else that is provides better benefits, better pay and definitely a job that doesn't isn't seasonal. But how do I find another career without starting from scratch while balancing being a new mom and keep my current job down. Where do I even begin? Does finding a new career mean I'd have to start at very bottom of the totem pole when I switch careers?