Senior Product Manager

San Francisco, CA, United States Full Time Senior Posted 8 days ago
  • Work on an inspiring team alongside our founders, PMs, designers, engineers hailing from top companies like: Google, Facebook, Uber, Palantir, frog, IDEO
  • Combine the best of humans and technology to deliver an amazing user experience
  • Own the roadmap for and implementation of our biggest projects; think Google vision + startup speed
  • Work across a truly “full stack” product. Forward spans hardware, software, industrial design, data science, service design, and more
  • Challenge yourself working on a massive scope (many of our products could have been their own startup - we built our own telemedicine app, exam room screen, body scanner and electronic medical record)
  • Lead interdisciplinary functional teams of designers, engineers, doctors and operations to build “clinical programs” - imagine redesigning dermatology from scratch and you start to get the idea
  • Learn what it takes to build a world-changing startup, both by osmosis and through constant interaction with our founders
  • User-obsessed. You are deeply empathetic, constantly putting yourself in the shoes of our users (whether that be our patients or great clinical team).
  • Impact-driven. You care about your impact upon the world. That means more building and less talking as you working toward something that has a chance to change people’s lives.
  • A Renaissance (wo)man. You’re curious. You’re always learning. You’re as comfortable talking shop with an doctor as you are with a designer or engineer.
  • A good helicopter. You can alternate between 10,000 foot and 10 foot views easily, and at the right time. Product vision? Fit-and-finish? All in a day’s work.
  • Creative. You don’t need to be asked to think outside of the box… you know when to climb hills and when to jump them.
  • Scrappy. You’re a hustler who will get your hands dirty and protect your builders at every turn.
  • A leader. You’re kind, charismatic and humble. Teams want to be in the trenches with you, and to build something great by your side.
  • 5+ years tech experience.
  • BA/BS required. STEM degrees preferred.
  • PM experience required.
  • Startup experience helpful.

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