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As Team Manager, you will execute the operational and management tasks of the Agent Team. You represent the team, serving as a member and point of contact to clients/customers, outside vendors, and to the Compass + brokerage community. Anticipating the needs of the team principals, you resolve operational and transactional issues before they arise, and delegate administrative and marketing tasks appropriately to staff. You will be responsible for executing the principal’s business plan and more.

We are seeking a highly organized, adaptable person with 3+ years of experience in real estate and business planning.

Flexibility is key – this team member will need to fill in as needed.  We currently have a marketing manager, executive assistant and listing/deal processor who works in the field as well.

Key Tasks:

  • Oversee marketing manager, executive assistant, and listing/deal closer administrator
  • Assign projects and manage new revenue initiatives along with daily workflow
  • Deal Flow + Maintenance: Organize, delegate, and oversee all staff tasks
  • Manage all listing/sale paperwork required by Compass finance
  • Manage staff scheduling (days off and holiday schedule)
  • Work to create and drive new revenue opportunities, builder programs (spec homes), investor properties, REIT opportunities
  • Team finance and business planning
  • Manage and oversee Compass Concierge


  • Manage buyer and seller leads programs
  • CRM; manage. Organize
  • Networking and sponsorship opportunities
  • Past client management
  • Market Awareness/Insights: Prepare comparable reports for buyers and sellers
  • Recruit new team members with thoughtful approach.
  • Business plan for how our team should run and what we expect.
  • Manage principal buyer and seller leads in CRM
  • Market to feeder markets. 


  • Ensure all transactions move swiftly through deal stage
  • Oversee transactional tasks and task list
  • Prepare and delegate exclusive contracts, listing preparation, marketing materials, listing inquiries and showings, listing events, inquiry follow-up, deal sheets, board packages, commission bills, etc. 


  • Run weekly core meetings
  • Check in with team agents and remain up to date on deals and projects
  • Schedule monthly check in meeting between all team agents
  • Prepare and disseminate bi-weekly team business report


  • Maintain team production and report and report quarterly
  • Process commission payment (work with Steve Koolik for now)
  • Oversee marketing budget and reimbursements
  • Report on team expenses and profits quarterly
  • Assist with Paychex for staff payroll
  • Manage commission requests (Deal Closer) and reconcile remittances from Compass with commission spreadsheet
  • Maintain all team finances and accounts

This role will not be employed by Compass. Any compensation will be paid by the Agent Team.

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