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New York City, NY, United States Posted 2 days ago
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The Video Input/Output team at fuboTV is looking for an exceptional Site Reliability Engineer with a passion for resilient infrastructures and architectural simplicity. This is a Software Engineering role for someone that’s passionate about reducing operational overhead by writing autohealing and globally resilient services.

As a member of the Video Input/Output team at fuboTV, you will work on low latency data processing systems that are placed under constant load with near real-time demands. Additionally, you will engineer elegant and reliable solutions for building on top of inconsistent cloud infrastructures that fuboTV uses to cost-effectively scale to support millions of concurrent users.

All fuboTV Backend Software Engineers must:

  • Architect, design, develop, test, maintain, and improve software systems
  • Have 4+ years of experience in delivering working software
  • Write clean, well-tested code
  • Be familiar with REST APIs and SQL
  • Have mastery of at least one modern backend stack, with a willingness to learn new technologies and methodologies
  • Have an interest or experience in Go, message queues, and/or microservices
  • Collaborate with other engineers and members of the fuboTV team to determine priorities and best practices, and refine functional requirements

Site Reliability Engineers on the Video Input/Output team are expected to have the following:

  • 4+ years of experience delivering production-quality software or software-defined infrastructure in a high traffic environment run on a “cloud hosting” environment (GCP or AWS preferred)
  • 4+ years of customer-facing services Linux System Administration
  • 4+ years experience coding in Go, Python, Ruby, Java, or shell languages
  • Experience running/maintaining a highly-available relational database
  • Experience writing or scaling backend applications
  • Professional experience using modern log/metric aggregation software (e.g. Stackdriver, Cloudwatch, Datadog, Elasticsearch + Kibana, Splunk)
  • Experience debugging and profiling software run on a Linux operating system (e.g. GDB, PProf, etc.)
  • Experience and comfort with continuous delivery/frequent releases of code to production
  • A methodical and logical approach to reasoning about problems and system interactivity
  • Willingness to participate in an on-call rotation and act as a subject matter expert for fuboTV-internal groups
  • Willingness and ability to prioritize business needs to meet short-term demands
  • An unwillingness to tolerate user-facing downtime

We are looking for Software Engineers who care about code quality, uptime, performance, continuous deployment, SOLID design principles, and agile (with a lowercase “a”) methodologies.

The ideal candidate will also:

  • Experience with application orchestration (Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.)
  • Production experience in a strongly-typed language (especially Go)
  • Enjoy learning new things and sharing knowledge with coworkers
  • Be a pleasure to work with in a professional environment
  • Be comfortable giving and receiving honest (but polite) feedback
  • Be unafraid of failure
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