Digital Forensics and Malware Analyst

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Digital Forensics and Malware Analyst

Location: San Francisco, CA- United States

Position Overview

The digital forensics and malware analyst is responsible for identify digital threats and signs of compromise and recommend preventive measures as well as examines malicious software to understand the nature of the threat and how the program interacts with its environment. This role helps our investigation team and process to document attack and malware capabilities, understand its propagation characteristics, and define signatures for detecting its presence. This will assist in investigating security incidents and determine extent of compromise thru digital and network forensic analysis utilizing tools, techniques, research and best judgement confirming or refuting suspicious activities targeting our infrastructure and networks. Responsibilities - Identifies and collects malware specimens during active incident investigations in support of incident response handling and intrusion detection. - Produces and creates malware and forensic analysis playbooks, reports, and procedures - Contributes to and work with the Incident Response team to conduct forensics on potential malware and confirm as a threat or false positive - Acquires artifacts from various parts, features, and properties of the operating system and run forensics and advanced data triage understanding if evidence created by user actions or system actions - Evaluates and analyze complex malicious code through the use of tools, including debuggers, virtual machines, hex editors, disassemblers, un-packers, and network sniffers - Performs remote or memory forensic evidence collection to acquire data points and meta data and make best judgment on the meaning and interpretation during analysis processes - Develops and improve digital forensic playbooks and checklists that aligns with our incident handling procedures making sure to differentiate between facts and assumptions - Identifies strategies and techniques used for obfuscation, packing, and hiding malicious code and decode, or unpack them - Utilizes multiple reverse engineering tools and techniques of static and behavioral/dynamic malware analysis to detect malware signatures and malware family classification - Documents analysis reports to communicate findings to technical and non-technical stakeholders and provide recommendations when necessary Minimum Qualifications - Experience with disk imaging and performing forensic investigations with tools such as Encase, IEF, Axiom, FTK, Autopsy, or others - Strong understanding of enterprise endpoint and network security tools – such as FortiGate’s, Crowd Strike, Secureworks, and Fireeye - Advanced proficiency in conducting live analysis on networks and across multiple platforms - Experience with reverse engineering using debuggers and disassemblers (OllyDbg, IDA Pro, etc) - Experience analyzing the following file types: VBScript, JavaScript, PowerShell Scripts, Office Documents, PDFs, Windows Executables. - Computer Forensics certification such as EnCE, CFCE, GCFA, GCIA, GCIH, GNFA, or GCEM is strongly desired - Excellent knowledge of common operating system platforms and internals (Windows, Linux, and OSX), but mostly Windows - Working knowledge and very comfortable with investigating security issues and incident response in an AWS cloud environment (required) - Advanced knowledge of malware analysis collection techniques – suspicious files, file system images, memory images, network logs, and anomaly observations - Knowledge of programming languages including (but not limited to) JavaScript, Java, PowerShell, Assembly, Python, Ruby, C, C++ - Knowledge of network tracking tools for multiple browsers to collect history, favorites, bookmarks, and other Internet based evidence  - #ADSKSecurityCareers

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Digital Forensics and Malware Analyst
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