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CloudBees is a globally distributed company with employees in over 15 countries working together to build the world’s first end-to-end continuous software delivery system. As every company in the world is becoming a software company, and as software delivery practices evolve from slow, infrequent releases toward continuous delivery supported by CI/CD, DevOps practices and the cloud, this new software category will become the most mission critical new business system in the modern enterprise.

Rollout is a powerful Feature Management System, and a core component of the CloudBees software delivery ecosystem.  Rollout enables you to accelerate development and minimize the risk of deploying new code with feature flags and controlled rollouts.

This role is for a full stack Engineer to help us develop the next iteration of Rollout, build new capabilities on top of the existing solution and improve the product to make it simpler to use.  As a developer you are in a unique position to influence the product requirements and priorities, the tool is being used by the team is to manage our own features and rollouts and the designated audience for a feature flagging solution is exactly the full stack engineer persona. You will also collaborate with other teams in CloudBees and contribute to our core commercial products. You’ll have a chance to share your expertise with internal and external audiences by blogging, speaking at conferences, hosting webinars, and publishing tutorials.

What You’ll Do

  • Build system to allow our customer to seamlessly rollout features quickly and safely 
  • Collaborate with product management, support and engineering teams in order to define priorities and roadmaps, and support our customers using Rollout
  • Collaborate with customers, partners and community to design and build Rollout and the CloudBees Suite
  • Work with the building blocks of the cloud native ecosystem: Kubernetes, Helm, Prow, Docker and others
  • Share experience with CloudBees customers and other Rollout users: conferences, meetups, blog posts, etc.

Why CloudBees?

  • We build our business on software delivery,  by offering enterprise solutions and professional services, our customer range from the blue chips to small innovative companies
  • We work on various projects in different areas. We are flexible about changing teams and assignments according to the interest and passion of engineers.
  • Our Engineering teams are distributed by design. You can work from the office or remotely without feeling disconnected.
  • You have an opportunity to contribute to open-source projects and communities during your working time.
  • We offer an attractive benefits package including stock options.

What The Role Requires

  • 5+ years experience developing more than one language, experience with both  statically typed (e.g. Go, Java, C) and dynamically typed (e.g. JS, Ruby) language is an advantage 
  • Experience with React/Redux frontend development - huge benefit 
  • Experience working with Kubernetes, Docker, and the cloud native ecosystem is a benefit
  • Experience creating technical materials (reference guides, tutorials, howtos, videos, best practice guides) is a huge benefit
  • A focus on teamwork and supporting your peers
  • Ability to communicate highly complex technical concepts to external partners, including Sales, Customer Support, and Marketing
  • Knowledge of developer tools such as Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery systems, test tools, code quality tools, planning tools, IDEs and debugging tools
  • Self-motivated and driven personality. Experience working in a remote environment is a plus.
  • Fully proficient in English written and spoken language

What You’ll Get

  • Highly competitive benefits and vacation package
  • Ability to work for one of the fastest growing companies with some of the most talented people in the industry
  • Team outings
  • Fun, hardworking, and casual environment
  • Endless growth opportunities

At CloudBees, we truly believe that the more diverse we are, the better we serve our customers. A global community like Jenkins demands a global focus from CloudBees. Organizations with greater diversity—gender, racial, ethnic, and global—are stronger partners to their customers. Whether by creating more innovative products, or better understanding our worldwide customers, or establishing a stronger cross-section of cultural leadership skills, diversity strengthens all aspects of the CloudBees organization.

In the technology industry, diversity creates a competitive advantage. CloudBees customers demand technologies from us that solve their software development, and therefore their business problems, so that they can better serve their own customers. CloudBees attributes much of its success to its worldwide work force and commitment to global diversity, which opens our proprietary software to innovative ideas from anywhere. Along the way, we have witnessed firsthand how employees, partners, and customers with diverse perspectives and experiences contribute to creative problem solving and better solutions for our customers and their businesses.

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Senior Software Engineer-Rollout
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