VP of Engineering

Brooklyn, NY, United States Full Time Lead

We are a motivated team of smart individuals who work collaboratively to get things done. We've grown a business from one to thousands of students and have built the foundation of a product that holds real meaning in people's lives. However, we lack the architecture and tech team processes required to manage the increasing complexity of a growing product suite and to effectively enable the use of data to make business-critical decisions. Also, since we target multinational tech companies who want to empower their engineering teams to communicate more effectively, it is crucial for us to have an engineering leader who is not only highly skilled, but a motivating and customer-centric leader.

You are someone that has the rare ability to manage technical complexity, product roadmap items, and growth-oriented outcomes for our business. You're a highly capable engineer, and happy to get granular and work to get code shipped, but the better use of your talents is in building a team and strategy around you. You're equally adept at balancing the priorities of scheduled feature builds, site maintenance, and customer requests while still staying focused on the big picture goals that drive KPI performance. You love talking to customers and learning about their pain points and what makes them happy. You like understanding people and managing them effectively by understanding their strengths and weaknesses. You're a continuous learner that is comfortable being thrust into uncharted territory and you want to make a dent in the universe.

Specifically, the VP of Engineering will have responsibility over:
+ Roadmap Execution: Working closely with our VP Product, you will map out the Technical Roadmap to support our evolving product suite while organizing work effectively for the tech team
+ Interfaces: Designing the right interfaces between apps in order to (i) separate domain knowledge into concerns that communicate with each other through a well-designed contract, (ii) lower the level of domain knowledge mastery required for software engineers to grasp relevant pieces of code to make relevant contributions, and (iii) organizing the tech team to thrive in this code environment
+ Process: Establish a proper protocol for ensuring code quality and tech team productivity as well as growing the capabilities of each team member while hiring and onboarding new ones; adapt to evolving product needs by using your research into architecture, lingo live data, and business domain knowledge to work with the VP of Product to inform what we build (avoiding both overbuilding and building the wrong thing).

Some of the things you'll architect and build:

+ Predictive matching algorithm that seamlessly matches teachers and students based on their availability, learning preferences, and other attributes;
+ Elegant scheduling interface that allows students and teachers across 72 countries to coordinate and refine their regular weekly schedules;
+ Best in class video chat application (via WebRTC or other frameworks) that provides a delightful virtual classroom for our teachers and students;
+ Fun and engaging progress dashboard that tracks real learning outcomes based on comprehensive assessments that you've built on the back end;
+ API integration with partners like Duolingo and others

Required skills:
+ Several years experience as a technical leader, ideally managing a tech ecosystem that spans several platforms and involves abstraction of mission-critical domain knowledge
+ At least one year at an early stage technology startup (i.e. less than 50 people)
+ APIs, Interfaces, Multiple Languages, Frameworks (Rails)
+ Experience working with product managers, designers and sales leaders at an executive level
+ Experience working with data
+ Team player/motivator
+ Clear communicator who takes pride in your ability to actively listen
+ Creative and intuitive innovator who is able to put a strategy in place

Differentiated Skills
+ Big data or data science
+ Experience as a teacher

In this role, you would be joining our senior leadership team to set the standard for communication training in the modern workplace.


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