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Support Business Operations

We’re looking for a highly organized, people-centric Support Business Operations Program Manager within our Support organization. As the Support Business Operations Program Manager, you will spearhead and lead initiatives for our seven Support teams and Support Leadership. Day-to-day roles include project management and implementation; this candidate should have a strong eye for detail, impeccable planning and organizational skills, desire and understanding of data interpretation and strategies, and feel comfortable making decisions on the fly. In addition to managing day-to-day projects, this candidate should be excited to play a pivotal role in helping our Support Leadership team plan for the future as we continue to grow and scale.

Day in the Life:

  • Work directly with the front-line team, developers, and leadership on project management tasks
  • Take projects (think IVR phone system updates, enhancements to customer satisfaction surveys, etc.) from start to finish: use data to build a business case, coordinate kickoffs, follow-ups, and retros with stakeholders to ensure successful deliverables 
  • Be the point person for Support with Product launches, proactively determine Support needs, effectively communicate them to all stakeholders, and delegate tasks within and outside of the organization
  • Lead interactions across the business, from Product to Legal to Marketing
  • Perform research to identify product /customer experience gaps using merchant and team feedback to drive critical corrective actions, improving merchant perception and loyalty
  • Strategically review and make data-driven prioritization suggestions to leadership to better serve our merchants
  • Develop presentations and communicate project updates with Support Leaders, stakeholders, and executive staff


Beyond the Day-to-Day:

  • Asking Why to see how we can continually optimize our approach to servicing our merchants and our teammates. We believe we could become even more effective and efficient and are looking for a candidate who will help us get there.
  • Caring a Lot by advocating for the needs of our teammates and merchants when working through projects.
  • Solving Together by collaborating with Support Leadership and all stakeholders to solve the trickiest problems. We’d expect you to dig deep to understand problems and their nuances, then work with leaders to find the best solutions.


  • Believes in Braintree’s Values of Ask Why, Care, A Lot, and Solve Together
  • Is self-driven, self-motivated, and doesn’t need a guidebook to be successful
  • Experience in working with Product Management teams, high level executives, and third party players
  • Is an obsessive organizer; you love using tools to help solve problems, color coding and alphabetizing is your middle name, and taking notes is a favorite past time
  • Is able to see the micro impact of a macro change
  • Is someone who can easily pose future scenarios, think globally, and makes tough decisions based on a mixture of analysis, experience, and judgement 
  • Is someone who is adept at looking back at previous work, learning, and making adjustments going forward
  • In current role, consistently speaks up, brings fresh ideas to the table, and has many examples of taking quick action to execute on projects or initiatives
  • Is easy to approach and finds rapport with others in order to build effective relationships
  • Is someone who knows their resources and how and when to ask for help
  • Is comfortable shifting gears to find common ground and solve problems with everyone’s best interests in mind; loves swimming in solutions versus dwelling on problems
  • Is someone with acrobatic juggling skills; you can skillfully handle multiple projects at once
  • Is passionate and knowledgeable; your thirst for learning extends further than what is required for your job, and you are your own best teacher
  • Is a strong communicator, both written and verbal; you enjoy working with all types of people, and feel confident hammering home big ideas with managers and executives
  • Is someone who fights fires with finesse; you can tackle problems quickly, while maintaining focus on priorities
  • Forward thinker; you proactively seek answers to the unanswered questions even before they’re asked
  • Positive attitude; throughout the day, in every which-way


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Support Business Operations Program Manager