Front End Developer - Javascript + CSS

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New York City, NY, United States
powertofly approved What RebelMouse Has to Offer:

Simply put we know the CEO, Andrea, very very well. She is married to our cofounder, Milena Berry, and has helped us pioneer so many of the cultural principals at PowerToFly focused on helping people belong no matter their gender. Andrea has four kids, a strict work from home (or where you're most productive) policy, and she is one of the strongest entrepreneurs out there.

Andrea was formerly the CTO of Huffington Post (she was named Paul Berry then) and literally built the tech that propelled the company from a small blog to a powerhouse that was bought by AOL. She was also the CTO of AOL after the acquisition. Our other cofounder, Katharine Zaleski, got to work closely with Andrea when she was at Huffington Post too. It was a thrilling experience and Katharine continues to get advice from Andrea today. Join RebelMouse - you won't regret it! Oh and Andrea hires great people who we could write entire blogs about... but we have character limits on these pages :)


RebelMouse is a fully distributed company that thrives on agility and flexibility. We don't have an office, and we have talented, passionate employees in over 25 countries covering every time zone. Everyone on the team shares a passion for being able to think outside of the box and be fluid with their talents and skills. Developers who think about product and traffic, audience development specialists who think about product and editorial, and designers who think about traffic and code. If you don’t want to be tied to an office chair and like the idea of being able to work from any place, we embrace digital nomads.

Diversity matters a lot to us. Our founder and CEO Andrea Breanna is openly and proudly transgender, and has created a welcoming tech community for women and LGBTQ+ individuals that breaks industry standards. Click here to learn more about how RebelMouse is reimagining the modern workplace.

Rebelmouse is looking for a UX-minded frontend engineer to join our talented international team of developers. You'll work with our frontend team, using HTML5/CSS3 to keep the site and partner integrations looking friendly and modern, and to experiment with new designs and UI patterns.


-Strong experience hand-writing clean HTML5/CSS markup that renders nicely cross-browser and cross-device.

-An eye for frontend design and writing clean, gracefully degrading HTML5/CSS. (We have great designers; a lot of the work will involve implementing their designs in an efficient and maintinable way. But we look to the whole team for UI and design ideas and to help shape the future of the company.)

-Experience with responsive design.

-Experience with some frontend framework(s).

-A few examples of your past work with the above (either live sites or features you could point to, or a Github)

We're a community of women leveraging our connections into top companies to help underrepresented women get the roles they've always deserved. Simultaneously, we work to build truly inclusive hiring processes and environments where women can thrive and not just survive.
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Front End Developer - Javascript + CSS