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Hopin is used by companies and communities everywhere to host events with world leaders and CEOs just as easily as for local developer communities. As a Senior Product Manager, you will work with our engineering team’s understanding of this wide range of customers, defining how our product can best serve their needs, and translating that into work that ships—fast.

As a Senior Product Manager, you will:

Obsess with the customer: You’ll be the key representative and researcher for the product-building teams to our high-profile customers. You will often be personally involved in meetings with critical customers.

Own feature prioritization: Estimating tasks’ complexity, prioritizing them and empowering the tech team to be prompt for delivery will be your bread and butter.

Be obsessed with quality: Know the product inside and out and hold the team accountable for maintaining a great experience for customers.

Collaborate, not command:

  • With the company: Product decisions at Hopin are always collaborative.
  • With a product-centric CEO to keep engineering aligned with the company vision on a granular level.
  • With design to make sure we maintain quality, accessible UX.

Be clear: As a product manager, you will be overseeing the definition of the tasks that go to developers. It will be your responsibility to ensure these tasks are well described and actionable.

Proactively evolve and improve processes: Being fast-paced falls short of describing Hopin. Flexibly adapting process as scale increases will be critical in this role.

Your skills
  • You are open, collaborative, and take initiative.
  • You are passionate about finding solutions to customer problems.
  • You are a great decision maker, and able to persuade others by unpacking your own thought process.
  • You use data to make decisions. You find data when it isn’t at hand.
  • You’re equally capable of writing a strategic product roadmap as you are in deciding which of two features should be built next week.
  • You have the ability to absorb and compile information from various, often conflicting sources into clearly scoped problems and focused, high impact solutions.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills. You're equally at home on stage presenting to an audience of developers as you are writing product requirements. Your best days are the ones where you do both in the same day.
Your experience
  • 3+ years of experience in product management in a super-fast-paced company. You have navigated the fine line between ensuring the minimum required processes are in place and the pace is kept up.
  • 5+ years of experience in product management or product development in general.
  • Experience managing products at various stages of maturity, from greenfield to at-scale.
  • Experience in B2B SaaS, managing clients that have a very diverse set of feature requirements and simplifying those requirements into the minimum set of required features.
  • Knowing when a client requirement would distract from the short/mid term requirements of the product and help steer the client towards alternative solutions within the current pipeline.
  • Experience in B2C products and understanding the impact of the UX design on users.
  • Experience as a software developer, or deep understanding of software development processes and challenges.
  • Ability to communicate well with designers and UX researchers, familiarity with tools such as Figma but not necessarily deep design expertise.
  • Availability 3 hours around the BST workday.
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Senior Product Manager
Hopin LTD