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ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Data Analysts apply tools and algorithms to identify trends and patterns in data. They communicate with stakeholders and conduct research to develop an understanding of relevant programs and requirements. These analysts identify and collect data from various sources, evaluate the data to ensure that they meet analytic needs, and prepare the data for analysis. They also select, apply, and assess analytic models and techniques, and review and verify the results. They prepare reports and briefings and consult with stakeholders to communicate findings.

Additional Job Information

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: NGA serves as the world leader in providing timely, relevant, accurate and actionable geospatial intelligence (GEOINT). NGA's civilian, military and contract personnel evaluate imagery, maps, charts, multiple layers of foundation data - such as terrain, elevation and gravity - and the full spectrum of visible and invisible light in order to help users visualize what is happening at a particular place and time. Our intelligence officers go beyond describing 'what, where and when' to revealing 'how and why.' Our work enables decision advantage for our policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals and first responders. NGA is looking for Data Analysts who will work with mission and corporate-level data; support non-data professionals on projects that solve complex data-related problems; and thrive as a contributor and leader on project teams. Data Analysts engage with these professionals to rapidly understand their requirements and iteratively develop and release solutions that address stakeholder needs and advance understanding of complex topics. Data analysis projects are prioritized to achieve the Agency's mission - solutions that enhance mission capabilities and address key needs can and will scale throughout the Agency. Other duties may include: * Analyze and interpret complex data and datasets to investigate trends or anomalies, establish relationships, or predict future patterns among events and develop recommendations. * Lead projects and teams that will access, convert, format, clean, merge, and normalize data in advance of scientific and/or quantitative analysis. * Lead projects and teams that formats, catalogs, and/or filters data and information to facilitate data access, integration, and interpretation. * Distribute tailored information, intelligence, and data to mission partners, organizations, and individuals to support customer missions and requirements. * Lead projects and teams that will analyze data, processes, services, and products to ensure that they meet quality standards and requirements. * Identify the proper techniques and reports necessary to present results of analyses to intended audiences * Lead projects and teams that analyze and interpret statistical data and communicate the identified trends or relationships among variables and factors that could affect the results of research. * Apply mathematical principles or statistical approaches to solve complex problems in scientific or applied fields. * Prepare technical reports, to include statistical analysis and findings, graphics or other visual representations of information. * Visualize complex information, using a range of tools, scripts and algorithms, to enable effective communication and understanding for technical and non-technical audiences. * Support the creation of explanatory and predictive models, and conduct comparative and alternative analysis to address complex military and intelligence challenges. * Strong Interpretation skills - ability to understand complex data problems and providing solutions to data problems. * Understanding of metadata management and overall master data management. * Strong understating of metadata creation and its interpretation. * Experience building a metadata repository and defining the data model. * Experience with metadata management tools such as Collibra, IBM IGC, Informatica Metadata manager, and related data lineage and enterprise reporting. * Experience with ETL processes and some ETL development experience in DataStage and/ or Informatica. * Experience with metadata asset inventories and enhancing metadata assets within Metadata Workbench. Additional Application Requirement: You may be asked to complete one or more assessments in addition to the application you submit on this website as part of your application to NGA. These assessments may include but are not limited to: 1) Online questionnaires or assessments that require you to describe your job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, or other characteristics that are aligned with the mandatory and desirable qualifications of this job posting. The information you provide in the application you submit must support the response you provide to this questionnaire. You will receive an email to describe any additional assessments required. Please monitor your emails and complete any required assessments as soon as possible. This position may be eligible for an INCENTIVE: The selected candidates may be offered an incentive as part of the offer of employment, based on budget availability. To receive the incentive, the selected candidate must sign a service agreement depending on the approved amount or duration of the incentive. If the employee leaves before the end of the service agreement, the employee may be required to repay a pro rata share amount of the incentive to the government.

Mandatory Qualifications

MANDATORY QUALIFICATION CRITERIA: For this particular job, applicants must meet all competencies reflected under the Mandatory Qualification Criteria to include education (if required). Online applications must demonstrate qualification by providing specific examples and associated results, in response to the announcement's mandatory criteria specified in this vacancy announcement: 1. Demonstrated experience leading projects and/or teams that interpret and analyze data to: - identify patterns, trends, or relationships among variables to inform decisions and/or; - find scalable solutions to address complex analytics needs; and/or - close knowledge gaps and address business issues and concerns. 2. Knowledge of data visualization techniques to include the use of common software tools (e.g. Tableau, Power BI, matplotlib, ggplot2, Excel, etc.) 3. Experience in at least one of the following languages: Python, R, JavaScript, SQL, MATLAB, or a similar language, as applied to computer programming/software engineering, process automation and/or data science/analysis. 4. Demonstrated knowledge and application of data analytic and statistical modeling techniques such as classification, regression, similarity matching, clustering, co-occurrence grouping, profiling, link prediction, data reduction, stochastic modeling, A-B testing, network analysis and/or causal modelling. 5. Knowledge of math, statistics, and quantitative analysis concepts as demonstrated through formal education or professional experience. EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: A. Education: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Operations Research, or a related field. -OR- B. Combination of Education and Experience: A minimum of 24 semester (36 quarter) hours of coursework in any area listed in option A, plus experience that requires the application of tools and algorithms to identify trends and patterns in data, or in a related area that demonstrates the ability to successfully perform the duties associated with this work. As a rule, every 30 semester (45 quarter) hours of coursework is equivalent to one year of experience. Candidates should show that their combination of education and experience totals 4 years.

Highly Desired Qualifications

QUALIFICATION CRITERIA: In addition to the mandatory qualifications, experience in the following is desired: 1. Demonstrated experience as an innovator and strategic problem solver. 2. Demonstrated ability to independently lead projects and/or teams in ambiguous/uncertain environments. 3. Demonstrated experience applying data visualization techniques and common software tools (e.g. Tableau, Power BI, matplotlib, ggplot2, Excel, etc.) to inform exploratory data analysis and/or generate tailored data visualization products for internal/external audiences. 4. Demonstrated experience leading and/or collaborating in high-performance, geographically-distributed teams. 5. Proven ability communicating complex analysis and findings to leadership/executive and decision maker audiences through written, visual, and verbal reports and briefings. 6. Proven ability communicating complex technical analysis and findings to technical and non-technical audiences through written, visual, and verbal reports and briefings.

Pay, Benefits, & Work Schedule

PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY: Promotion opportunities allow applicants at all band levels to be considered. Qualifications for NGA positions do not include specific time-in-band requirements. NGA will emphasize quality of experience, rather than duration, and assess how the quality of the experience demonstrates possession of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies necessary for successful job performance in the NGA occupational structure.

Band 04 $92,568 - $157,709 PERMANENT CHANGE IN STATION: PCS expenses are not authorized. Pay is only part of the compensation you will earn working for the Federal Government. We offer a broad array of benefits programs and family friendly flexibilities to meet the needs of you and your family. For more information on the array of benefits programs, please visit

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Data Analyst
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