Technical Program Manager

NY, United States
PowerToFly approved because…

BuzzFeed literally helped PowerToFly get off the ground. They were one of our first hiring partners when we launched about four years ago. On top of that, their executives backed us as angel investors. Both Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed's Founder and CEO, and Greg Coleman, BuzzFeed's President, wrote checks to turn our dream into a reality (and they continue to advise our founders, an unmeasurable value). We also got significant seed funding from two of BuzzFeed's board members - Ken Lerer and Eric Hippeau.

Needless to say, BuzzFeed is completely invested in making PowerToFly a success, and that means hiring more women through the platform. BuzzFeed has certainly done that. Countless women have been hired by BuzzFeed through PowerToFly like Paola Matta who started out as an English Major before writing code.

We have built rig, our own platform as a service, to make it easy for other engineers to deploy and run their services. In the 2 years since we launched rig, there have been over 100,000 deploys, and we have over 400 services running on it today. However, we’re just getting started!

We are looking for a TPM to help distill our ambitions into a clear, user driven roadmap oriented around an infrastructure product vision that maps to BuzzFeed’s present and future business needs.

You Will:
  • Work with a diverse and distributed group of infrastructure engineers to build tools to help them identify opportunities, spot patterns and remain motivated towards their goals.
  • Establish, articulate and champion a infrastructure product vision that addresses critical business needs.
  • Break down the vision into deliverable goals, and helping establish a productive product delivery cadence across the core infra squads
  • Bring a user oriented focus to drive prioritization on product features.
  • Partner with key internal engineering teams to understand the gaps within existing tools and services, and identify the best path forward.
  • Make sure your team ships quality product. From defining features, writing specs, managing release checklists, communicating goals to team, setting a roadmap and prioritize requests, you’ll do whatever your team needs to do a good job and keep moving.
  • Ensure product marketing and support are not left to the end. Help ensure that product roll outs are a smooth experience for our users.
About You:
  • You are comfortable setting a long-term product vision for multidisciplinary teams.
  • “User first” is part of your muscle memory.
  • You have a story to tell about building, delivering, and supporting data tools, services, and products.
  • You either have technical experience as an systems analyst or engineer
  • You don’t need to be an engineer, but you need to speak the language of cloud providers, containerization, databases and pull requests.
  • You are empathetic, curious, and pragmatic
  • You have compassion and experience supporting, mentoring, and helping people achieve their career goals
  • You are resourceful and adaptable
  • You value and offer high-context communication, seeking mutual clarity in any exchange
  • You value repeatability, resilience, observability, and operational simplicity
  • You work collaboratively to deliver products

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