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Do you believe in the importance of local, community-focused journalism with a passion for using data science to solve real-world problems? Does the possibility of using data to transform and streamline legacy business processes and decision making pique your interest? If so, Hearst Television is looking for you to be a founding member of our data science team. This team is tasked with finding meaning amongst disparate data sources that could redefine local media now and into the future. From storytelling and presentation, to newsgathering and production and even distribution and monetization, there's no idea that's off limits! This team will work with executive stakeholders to identify data science projects with the biggest potential impact and prioritize ideas within the context of the greater digital roadmap.

The Lead Engineer position is a multi-faceted role that requires the ability to work across functional units to identify and implement data science initiatives with members of the product, development, and devops teams. This ability to coordinate throughout the division needs to culminate in mathematically sound approaches to solving our highest priority business initiatives in a way that returns measurable value back to stakeholders. This role aims at empowering our leadership to make smarter business decisions leveraging existing data and statistical/ML approaches.


The Head of Data Science will have the dual responsibility of both understanding how to translate business problems into data science technical architectures, as well as lead and manage the data science team in service of that goal. They will be expected to:

  • Drive data science projects from concept, architecture, development and deployment to production.
  • Propose statistical or machine learning-based model/methodology to solve the problem.
  • Propose accuracy measures and validation criteria for the model.
  • Implement and evaluate the proposed model/methodology.
  • Provide deep technical guidance and mentorship to the entire team.
  • Work with product managers to formulate the ML product vision and design.


  • Master's Degree or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, or a related engineering discipline is essential.
  • 6+ years building data-powered products.
  • Strong background in machine learning, statistics, and programming.
  • Proven track record of analyzing large-scale complex data sets, modeling and machine learning algorithms.
  • Expertise in Python (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas), C++ and Tensorflow is a plus.

The typical day in this role could be comprised of:

  • Stand up meetings with the team of data science engineers reviewing their progress.
  • Designing the architecture of ML systems and how they plug into other areas of our infrastructure.
  • Reviewing training metrics and making recommendations to model updates.
  • Working with upper management to understand what systems need to be built to fulfill their business requirements.
  • Communicating to upper management technical progress and laying out options in a way that is not overly technical.
  • The projects we have ongoing (many in early stages) deal with natural language modeling and video/audio analysis. Some problems are more common like recommender systems, while others are less common and involve for example chasing down whitepapers of how to build the best attention model for grainy audio.
  • This role will have direct reports (around 4-5) and will have upper management visibility as well, at times all the way up to the President of TV.
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Lead Engineer - Data Science
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