Medical Informaticist

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New York City, NY, United States
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Our team is looking for a hands-on clinical data expert who loves to be in the trenches analyzing data. The ideal candidate is excited about harmonizing clinical data through healthcare IT standardization and is passionate about how data interoperability is transforming patient care.

This job requires a sharp analytical mind, a love of clinical data, and a passion for tackling one of the most complex medical and technological challenges of our time.

Innovation and independence are key on this team. You will be developing creative ways to explore, organize, and leverage the clinical and billing data in our systems. Every day will provide something new and challenging in  curating and managing content for large data sets and ensuring data quality.


  • Curate, analyze, manage, and harmonize clinical and payer-related data from multiple applications.
  • Standardize clinical and billing data to clinical and payer-related controlled vocabularies and classifications.
  • Expand and adapt ontologies when existing standards fall short.
  • Work with a team of product managers, software engineers, and clinicians to identify, design, and implement clinical and payer-related data and terminology across Flatiron products.
  • Be a data interoperability standards and terminology expert on our team.
  • Work hands-on with data
  • Quickly learn new software technologies and tools that help us better analyze, manage, and organize standardized content.
  • Collaborate with technical and clinical cross-functional product teams.


  • Bachelor’s or graduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Bioinformatics, or Medical/Healthcare Informatics, or a degree in a non-technical subject with substantial technical experience
  • Hands-on experience curating and extracting data from databases, analyzing data, and/or integrating  terminologies, preferably in a healthcare IT environment
  • Experience in analyzing and/or developing information models
  • Strong proficiency in SQL
  • Strong organizational and communication skills

Bonus points:

  • Some technical understanding of at least one programming language (Python, C#, Java, etc.)
  • In-depth knowledge of standard classifications and codesets used in medical coding and billing schemes, such as ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, and NDC
  • Knowledge of standard controlled vocabularies like LOINC, RxNorm, SNOMED-CT, and NCI Thesaurus
  • Clinical provider experience (e.g.: RN, Lab specialist, MD)
  • Experience working with a terminology management system like 3M’s Healthcare Data Dictionary (HDD), Health Language International (HLI), or Clinical Architecture’s Symedical Server
  • Experience working with drug database integrations (e.g.: First Databank, Medispan, Multum)
  • Knowledge of clinical oncology and oncology data. Knowledge of healthcare IT data standards like HL7v2.x, HL7 v3 CDA, and HL7 FHIR. Some knowledge of claims billing formats (HCFA 1500, UB-92) and EDI transaction sets (X12 EDI 835, 837).
  • Experience in data analysis of at least one Electronic Health Record (EHR) system (e.g.: Epic, MOSAIQ, Varian, Cerner)

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Medical Informaticist
Flatiron Health, Inc.