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Lead Engineer working on real-time virtual assistant

London, United Kingdom
Employment: Full Time Experience: Mid-Level

-------------------------------- You ---------------------------

We're looking for a Lead Engineer to handle our data processing infrastructure and organise our team of researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

You should have 5+ years experience in:
- Working on novel data and text processing pipelines
- Working with and leading other specialists in an agile environment
- Working with GCP/GKE, Docker, K8s
- Developing in Python/Django, ES6/7 and React
- Is daring, committed and comfortable working in an uncertain startup environment

You should be based in London or willing to relocate and work full-time.

Experience with some of the following:
- Working with machine learning, information retrieval, web search, NLP, knowledge bases and graph frameworks
- Making product prototypes and research prototypes production-ready
- Integrations with APIs
- Ensuring systems are secure and in line data protection regulations
- Working on virtual assistants
- Moving at startup speed, being flexible and adaptable

You will be someone who shares our vision for redefining how people access and use the web.

------------------------------- Our Mission ---------------------------

Context Scout aims to be what comes after web search.

We all know web search to be a fundamental tool for using the internet. For most of us, the first thing we do when we start our computers is to fire up our web browsers and type something into a search engine. That first search is our entry-point to the world wide web, the beginning of whatever task we're about to do, the first action in the sequence of page reads, clicks, copies and pastes, scrolls, form submissions and other behaviour that make up 79% of the time we spend online. Search engines are an amazing technology for getting you started on the web, but once you've clicked on one of those blue links then you're on your own.

Our technology will follow on from where web search ends. By forming an understanding of your task Context Scout actively assists and aids towards completion. We aim to revolutionise the way every single online user utilises the world wide web - from the holiday booker to the financial analyst. Google has simplified and is responsible for the first 21%, we’ll be the ones to do the rest.

You can read more about our aim to build the next information technology here

----------------------------- Your Responsibilities ---------------------------

Context Scout is powered by a proprietary real-time task and text processing engine. You will be leading its development so that it maintains continued, smooth operation. You will become the owner of this engine.

Our Pipeline is made up of:
- A data collection component that collects web-based data
- A state-of-the-art NLP system that performs real-time entity extraction, workflow identification and knowledge graph construction
- A 3rd party integration architecture build in Django and running on GKE/GPE
- A user facing product built using React

Our team of expert engineers already build and maintain these components, your job is to improve upon and be the glue that pulls it all together and keeps it working smoothly.

In this role you will:
- Take on the development and management of our pipeline
- Work closely with our engineers to continuously integrate their components and features into the pipeline, helping with development where necessary
- Architect and implement improvements to our pipeline to make it more scalable and secure
- Make sure coding standards are followed by our engineering team

----------------------------- What we offer ---------------------------

- A competitive salary with significant equity

- The opportunity to work in a VC-funded, rapidly moving startup founded and developed by PhDs working on ground-breaking new technology (check out our amazing team and investors here

- Exciting office space at Runway East Shoreditch next to Old St station

- Access to on-the-job training, conference attendance and support with personal growth, as well as a growing library of books on tech, startups, BD etc

- Control your own workflow, choose your own tools and ask for what you need and we’ll get you set up

- The potential to build a team around you and grow with the business

- An extraordinary opportunity to have a hand in shaping the future of the web


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