Site Reliability Engineer

Remote (Within U.S.)
Main Location
Seattle, WA, United States
powertofly approved What Karat, Inc. Has to Offer:

Karat is the first dedicated marketplace for technical interviewers. Their network of seasoned engineers conduct the first rounds of technical interviews for elite engineering companies. Karat's unique approach recognizes that people are central to the hiring process and that they can be supercharged by leveraging machine learning and Karat's rich database of the world's interviews. Karat knows it's important to live a balanced life so they take care of their team with some great perks.

  • 100% coverage of health, dental, & vision insurance
  • Flexible work environment
  • Unlimited time off
  • Meaningful equity in the company's success
  • Equipped for success with a new MacBook Pro + monitor & whatever other gear you need
  • Great interviews are engineered.  Come help Karat make every interview predictive, fair and enjoyable.

    The status quo for technical interviewing doesn’t meet the needs of candidates or hiring companies. Haphazard interview experiences, subjective evaluations, and lack of capacity and expertise mean too many companies miss their hiring goals and miss out on great software engineers. At Karat, it's our mission to create better outcomes for companies and candidates by making every interview predictive, fair, and enjoyable.

    Karat conducts first-round technical interviews on behalf of companies including Indeed, Atlassian, Intuit, Peloton, The New York Times and Wayfair. We do this through a community of Interview Engineers who are equipped with Karat's interviewing platform, battle-tested questions, and data-informed best practices. 

    The result is highly predictive and fair interviews at scale that candidates truly enjoy. Karat has amassed the largest and most robust dataset of structured interview intelligence to produce never-before-seen hiring analytics. 

    As the world continues to transition to virtual work, and the fairness of hiring practices in the tech industry come under greater scrutiny, Karat is uniquely positioned to be a valuable, strategic partner as companies transition to 100% remote hiring.

    Founded in 2014, Karat is a privately held and venture-funded company based in Seattle.

    Engineering at Karat

    As a member of Karat's engineering team, you will work on an exciting mission with a highly collaborative team that feels like family. You will be able to easily relate to the product given that you're likely going through technical interviews. Since we are a young company, you will work closely with others and contribute to team culture and practices. We're looking for individuals who are hungry to take ownership of their work and who want to make a significant impact on the product and beyond.

    Core Responsibilities
    • Support your team in delivering the projects that fall into your team’s area on time and with quality.
    • Combine engineering experience and an innate drive to improve existing systems and processes.
    • Empower the development team by building systems that allow them to ship code faster and more reliably.
    • Take an active role in improving the team's security posture. 
    • Automate operational tasks to save time and improve accuracy
    • Take responsibility for the availability and reliability of our critical platform services and applications.
    • Write clean and scalable scripts, software and systems to manage platform infrastructure and applications.
    • Measure and optimize system performance, with an eye toward pushing our capabilities forward.
    • Learn and be flexible to handle all of the unknowns that come with fast growth in the company.
    About You
    • 3+ years as a Site Reliability or DevOps Engineer with proficiency in one or more high-level languages (such as Ruby, Python, Java, C/C++, or JavaScript) required.
    • Previous experience working on cloud based infrastructure, CI/CD systems, docker containers, all while leveraging an infrastructure as code solution.
    • Demonstrated Linux fundamentals. AWS experience is a plus.
    • Writing clean, understandable, and maintainable code is part of your DNA.
    • You have a distinct passion for product driven development, and are a self-starter looking to learn, build, ship, and own.
    • The mission of Karat excites you, and you approach your craft prioritizing collaboration with others.
    • You are a sharp and tenacious troubleshooter with a history of finding and fixing problems within complex systems.
    • Interviewing, teaching, or mentoring experience is a plus as it will help you relate to our mission and culture.
    We're a community of women leveraging our connections into top companies to help underrepresented women get the roles they've always deserved. Simultaneously, we work to build truly inclusive hiring processes and environments where women can thrive and not just survive.
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    Site Reliability Engineer
    Karat, Inc.