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Data Engineer - Eats Data Solutions


About the Role



Eats Data Solutions team focusing on optimizing data engineering practices and improving Uber Eats data quality. The teams creates efficient tools and processes to help people working on data, designs and maintains a holistic view of Eats data, and manages and optimizes Eats data infrastructure resources.


This role focuses on providing supports to Eats business by owning top tier Eats canonical datasets, and building the data platform that allows easy and flexible access to Eats data. The engineer will work on both batching and streaming data processing that empowers different use cases within Eats.

What the Candidate Will Need / Bonus Points


The candidates of this role need to:

  • Have excellent skills of modelling complicated business logics in data
  • Be familiar with big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, etc.
  • Experience in streaming data processing engines (such as Flink or Sparking Streaming) is a big bonus
  • Good communication skills that allows smooth collaboration with stakeholders


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Data Engineer - Eats Data Solutions