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VP of Alliances

San Francisco, CA, United States
Employment: Full Time Experience: Lead

The rising popularity of GitLab means that our professional services are in high demand. If you have the skills to help our clients we would love to talk to you.

We are looking for skilled people around the world. If you would love to work from home and help GitLab grow, this is the right spot for you.

About GitLab

GitLab Inc. is a company based on the GitLab open-source project. GitLab is a community project to which over 1,000 people worldwide have contributed. We are an active participant in this community, trying to serve its needs and lead by example. We have one vision: everyone can contribute to all digital content, and our mission is to change all creative work from read-only to read-write so that everyone can contribute.

We value results, transparency, sharing, freedom, efficiency, frugality, collaboration, directness, kindness, diversity, boring solutions, and quirkiness. If these values match your personality, work ethic, and personal goals, we encourage you to visit our primer to learn more. Open source is our culture, our way of life, our story, and what makes us truly unique.

Avoid the confidence gap; you do not have to match all the listed requirements exactly to apply. Our hiring process is described in more detail in our hiring handbook.

Work remotely from anywhere in the world. Curious to see what that looks like? Check out our remote manifesto.

Top 10 reasons to work for GitLab:

1. Work with helpful, kind, motivated, and talented people.

2. Work remote so you have no commute and are free to travel and move.

3. Have flexible work hours so you are there for other people and free to plan the day how you like.

4. Everyone works remote, but you don't feel remote. We don't have a head office, so you're not in a satellite office.

5. Work on open source software so you can interact with a large community and can show your work.

6. Work on a product you use every day: we drink our own wine.

7. Work on a product used by lots of people that care about what you do.

8. As a company we contribute more than we take, most of our work is released as the open source GitLab CE.

9. Focused on results, not on long hours, so that you can have a life and don't burn out.

10. Open internal processes: know what you're getting in to and be assured we're thoughtful and effective.

    • Identify strategic relationships with organizations suited to stimulate GitLab enterprise business.
    • Develop plans for strategic partnerships and defined results which tie to revenue generation from the enterprise segment.
    • Work with executive team to build and maintain relationships, managing and leveraging the relationship through each stage of its life-cycle.
    • Evaluating full risk and benefits of existing and new partnerships.
    • Build out tracking and reporting of partnership relationships in order to optimize.
    • Work cross departmentally with internal teams to build, publish, and distribute partnership assets.
    • Provide thought leadership, strategic insight, and clear communication to team and company on various partnership initiatives.
    • 6-8 years of senior leadership (VP or C-level) in planning and closing partnership/ alliances deals valued at over $50M with the largest tech companies.
    • 8+ years of experience in the field of cloud and/or DevOps.
    • Proven success developing and delivering on strategic plans with leading tech companies in the Cloud and DevOps spaces.
    • Experience working at a start-up (500 employees and under), building key partnerships during scaling.
    • Repeated success in penetrating Enterprise companies, outlining plans to build opportunities for collaboration, starting from cold approaches.
    • Experience migrating large open-source projects to new tools for their communities.
    • Demonstrated complete understanding of the company, product, and landscape to make informed long-term strategic business decisions.
    • A networks of high executive contacts in the cloud, DevOps and open-source spaces. Proven ability to translate those to new partnerships and business opportunities.
    • Demonstrated analytical and data led decision-making.
    • Based in San Francisco.
Hiring Process

Applicants for this position can expect the hiring process to follow the order below. Please keep in mind that applicants can be declined from the position at any stage of the process. To learn more about someone who may be conducting the interview, find her/his job title on our team page.

-Selected candidates will be invited to schedule a screening call

-Next, candidates will be invited to schedule a first interview with Director of Strategic Partnerships

- The final short-list of candidates, will be invited to a 50min min interview with our CEO

-Successful candidates will subsequently be made an offer via email

Additional details about our process can be found on our hiring page.

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