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San Francisco, CA, United States
Employment: Full Time Experience: Mid-Level

Team Sylvius is one of the newest teams here at Zendesk, and is responsible for working on skill-based ticket routing for the Support product. As Zendesk customers grow their business, it becomes increasingly important for support tickets to be routed to the support agent who can most efficiently handle the ticket; skill-based routing is Zendesk’s attempt to tackle this problem head on. Engineers on this team work to build a system that scales to handle millions of tickets using technologies like Scala and Elasticsearch, all the while, aiming for low latency and 100% uptime. Sticking with our mantra of keeping things beautifully simple, admins set up their routing rules with an intuitive component-backed UI powered by modern web technologies like React and Redux.

Why you should join team Sylvius:
  • You’re working on something incredibly important: the ticket routing project is one of the company’s top 5 goals in 2018
  • Your work will have a impact: the feature-set that the team works on will affect *all* tickets that go through the Zendesk system for Enterprise customers
  • You’ll be able to hit the ground running quickly: as a new team without a mountain of technical debt, Sylvius has one of the fastest development cycles of all teams here at Zendesk
What you will learn/possible projects for an intern:
  • Work on the agent consumption experience for ticket routing
  • How to write robust and maintainable specs for full-stack software
  • Setup a framework for snapshot-testing React projects
  • Implement a system for hot-swapping Javascript assets in production
  • Extract common UI elements in Zendesk to be extensible, reusable React components
  • Identify common tooling in projects and unify them into a reusable bootstrap system
  • How to work with, and contribute back to, a design system used across the entire Zendesk Organization
  • Experience working with Java, or another object oriented language
  • Coursework on data structures and algorithms
  • Previous internship experience working at a software company
Nice to Have:
  • Coursework on database systems, programming languages, and/or web design
  • Experience working with a large Javascript codebase, particularly those that utilize the React Javascript framework
  • Experience with at least one MVC (model/view/controller) framework, such as Rails, Angular, or Backbone.js

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Individuals seeking employment at Zendesk are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

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