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New York City, NY, United States (flexible)
Employment: Full Time Experience: Mid-Level
Glassdoor failed because no one trusted the feedback and employees didn't trust the platform. Through a simple patented process we found a way to let only actual current employees (or members of any group), give feedback directly to leadership WITH COMPLETE ANONYMITY.

We have a small team (BE/Mobile/DevOps & FE/UX designer) and are preparing to complete the last leg of development internally after a 90% complete build by outsourced team who built a solid (although .NET) over the last year. As a non-tech founder, it was always the plan to build an MVP beta that could prove the simple concept so we could attract more established tech talent & VC funding. After UX overhaul, the product is speaking loudly for itself now and we have attracted VC interest and are preparing to start building the dream team, CTO, CMO & COO first.

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