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Santa Monica, CA, United States

We are only looking for the best performing, highly energetic, motivated and fun sales leaders in the industry to accelerate our explosive growth on the Account Sales Team. You are passionate about solving customer challenges and have extensive knowledge of tech, data, TV & digital video space. You have a proven track record of exceeding revenue goals and building relationships to tackle strategic client objectives for a high growth ad tech organization. You live by the same values we do and want nothing more than to win. 


  • Exceed revenue goals and sales activity KPIs
  • Accelerate demand for VideoAmp solutions among agencies and advertisers
  • Champion the VideoAmp brand


  • 3 years of agency experience with 1-2 years of sales experience
  • 2+ years of sales experience in data, TV, and/or digital video
  • Agency experience preferred
  • Deep Product knowledge


  • Never take off your client’s shoes.  Intimately know how every one of our prospective and current clients operates, step into their lexicon and always frame what we do by solving their specific problem. Be solutions focused.
  • Be your client’s favorite. Adding a lot of value to our clients via our solutions is table stakes, that isn’t enough to be great. If we are not our client’s favorite people to hang around with, we aren’t making the sales experience fun enough. Build deep, personal and authentic relationships with our clients and always make sure they have more fun with you than anyone else.
  • Never leave a meeting with unanswered questions. Be the person who can answer any question in the room. Since we are a very technical company, that means you have to be as well. Proactively study and learn the technical intricacies of everything that we do. Go out of your way to learn this yourself and study up. No one will teach this to you but yourself at VideoAmp.



  1. Do everything you say you’ll do.​ You do everything you say you’ll do by the time you say you’ll do it. You are dependable and meet expectations. If you are about to miss a deadline, you are on top of it and you let other stakeholders know well ahead of time. You do this no matter how large or small, even when you say something casual in passing or for a very low priority item. You obsess over this track record.
  2. You proactively help the organization. ​You are very self-organized and proactively manage your boss and stakeholders, you don’t have others manage you. You set the agendas for meetings and come up with ideas to add the most value to the organization, including the one-one-ones with your boss. You don’t look to your boss to give you direction, but as a mentor and coach to help add even more value for the plan you set for yourself. If you see a problem or opportunity, you go fix or capture it. You do not wait for resources to be assigned. You ask for forgiveness, not permission.
  3. You solve problems, not just point them out. ​You are not ignorant of problems and threats. You do not point out problems and threats and do nothing about it. You are not someone who points out problems and threats and passes it to someone else to solve. You are someone who points out the large problems and threats and then creates the tactical step-by-step plan that either you or someone else followed to actually solve it.
  4. You measure and optimize what matters. ​You love to measure and optimize everything in your personal and professional life. You focus on the metrics that matter the most and drive performance. You look to kill vanity metrics as much as possible because you hate them. You are intrinsically excited about VideoAmp’s mission because you have a chance to do what you love for an entire industry.
  5. You learn and grow faster than most people. ​You strive to learn and grow faster than 80% of your peer set. You do this by constantly running experiments to gain as much validated learnings with a minimal amount of time and resources. You authentically embrace failure because you learn from the experiment and apply those learnings forward, you don’t make the same mistake twice. You think big and take risks. You go out of your way to proactively extract raw and direct feedback about yourself.
  6. You treat time as the most precious resource. ​You believe time is the most precious and valuable resource. You look to increase the speed in everything you do. You rarely do repetitive or low-value tasks before automating it and spend the majority of your time on unsolved high-value problems. You strive to never be a bottleneck in anything and get back to all colleagues, partners, and clients within 24 hours across all modes of communication, even if it is just to confirm receipt and set expectations on when you can get to the request.
  7. Increase joy and reduce suffering around you. ​You are highly conscious of being positive in every situation. You make people feel better about themselves. You have fun in everything you do and enable others to have more fun. You help others find deeper and more fulfilling meaning in their personal and professional life.



  • Unlimited paid time off each year 
  • Company sponsored health, dental and vision benefits for you and your dependents
  • Annual vacation and childcare stipends
  • Access to state-of-the-art fitness classes and personal trainers to promote your well-being. Live and recorded virtual workout classes everyday + weekly yoga/pilates/wellness opportunities
  • Quarterly fitness challenges
  • Work from home set up provided
  • 1:1 Nutrition/Food program options
  • Partnership with DoorDash for meal deliveries
  • Wellness (Financial Wellness, Modern Health)
  • Employee Advisory Groups / Proactive Social Groups
  • Pet Funds + Pet Care Savings
  • 401k Plan
  • Everyday discounts
  • Short Term & Long Term Disability
  • Referral Bonus
  • Progressive approach to paid parental leave
  • Epic personal and professional growth opportunities


We believe every human on the planet should have the option of free access to the world’s information and content. In many cases this belief is powered by a three way value exchange between a publisher producing free content, a consumer consuming it and an advertiser paying the publisher for the chance to connect with its audience. The underpinning of this value exchange relies on having an independent auditing, measurement and optimization layer to power the transaction between the advertiser and publisher.

Today the industry standard tools for advertising and media measurement and optimization are usually designed where increased personalization, higher advertising return on investment and increased publisher revenues often comes with negative trade off for consumer privacy or security risks of leaking private data. We envision a world where this doesn't have to be the case - a world where consumer privacy, security, and governance are incorporated into the fabric of the codebase while enabling the necessary business use-cases to effectively keep the world’s information and content free for everyone.

VideoAmp’s mission is to create software and data solutions to enable advertisers to accurately measure and optimize their entire portfolio of linear TV, OTT, digital and walled garden investments while empowering publishers to effectively align and monetize their audiences with the advertiser’s desired outcome in a consumer-first privacy paradigm.

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