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Headquarter: New York City, NY, United States

Freelance Video Editor


PowerToFly, the fastest growing platform and community connecting women in tech with companies that value diversity and inclusion, is looking for a video producer who’s ready to showcase their unique skill set and make their mark on the hiring industry (and essentially the world).

We’re looking for someone with exceptional video editing skills, creativity, and who will help us craft our story and the story of our partners, through video.

Given this unprecedented time, it’s more important than ever before for this person to think creatively when it comes to content, especially given our limited access to new footage from our partners and community.

This person should:

  • Have great editing skills
  • Know Adobe Premiere inside out. Have a good understanding of Lumetri, Essential audio, and essential Graphics.
  • Find creative ways of improving the quality of home-recorded footage.
  • Have a good understanding of 2D Motion graphics on After Effects.
  • Be rigorous with deadlines.
  • Understand how to create a narrative in your videos while being an excellent storyteller.
  • Communicate your needs, ideas and questions clearly and effectively.
  • Accept constructive feedback with ease from both the internal PowerToFly team and partners/ clients.
  • Be flexible and creative. You’re expected to solve problems with your unique tool set!
We're a community of women leveraging our connections into top companies to help underrepresented women get the roles they've always deserved. Simultaneously, we work to build truly inclusive hiring processes and environments where women can thrive and not just survive.
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Freelance Video Editor