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  • Write and maintain technical documentation (standard operating procedures, work instructions, user guides, etc.) for use by all divisions.
  • Maintain a comprehensive inventory of assets, along with their locations and condition.
  • Issue and maintain individually-assigned lab equipment (e.g., incident response backpacks, Macbooks, etc.).
  • Collect and manage service tickets from users.
  • Aid in repairing equipment and/or sending equipment back to manufacturer under warranty.
  • Maintain virtual private Network (VPN) connections and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to remote lab sites, on-site engagement kits, and individually-issued laptops. These various VPN and VDI connections may include, but are not limited to:
    • Analysts to lab infrastructure
    • Lab sites to lab sites
    • Kits to lab infrastructure
    • Kits components to kit components
    • VPNs for remote engagements
    • Provide system administration for all machines used in the labs. Administration of legacy systems include environments for cyber hunt and incident response training, as well as testing and migration from legacy to current and approved platforms. This includes, but is not limited to the following; Windows (7 and later), Windows Server (2008 and later), Linux (CentOS, fedora, Debian, Ubunta, Kali, Security Onion, etc.), MacOS (10 and later), VMware virtualized environment (vCenter, clustered ESXi, clustered datastore, etc.), Various routers/switches/firewalls.
    • Periodically audit the inventory of all assets (e.g., physical equipment as well as software licenses), and at least annually.
    • Maintain off-site backups of any data, lab configurations, deployment images, etc. stored in the lab. Off-site backups may include transfer of data over VPN or physical hard drive backups. Specifically, these back-ups may involve manually syncing and physical transportation to another facility. Additionally, site-to-site VPNs backups shall be performed between Government-owned or operated lab sites.
    • Support and maintain a classified lab network
    • Track engagement kit needs of upcoming engagements
    • Build and maintain multiple full-capacity and reduced-capacity engagement kits (total number to be determined by federal management).
    • Ensure a minimum of 1 full-capacity and 1 reduced-capacity engagement kits are prepared for deployment at all times.
    • Ensure engagement kits are sanitized of data after each engagement
    • Ensure engagement kits are provisioned and tested for new engagements in a timely manner.
    • Aid in the transportation of kits to and from customer sites
    • Adhere to all policies set by the federal lab management team


  • Experience managing and maintain a sophisticated lab environment that includes multiple Operating Systems and networking equipment
  • Experience in providing leadership and vision in incident handling, response, and analysis.
  • Must be hands-on and have intimate knowledge and experience in network design, OS configuration, VPNs.
  • Experience designing and developing fly-away kits for Incident Response/Threat hunting
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills


VMWare Certified Professional


This position require a Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline with a minimum of six (6) years directly related experience. Equivalent years of directly related experience may be considered in lieu of educational requirements.

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Cyber Lab Manager