Applied Cryptography Engineer

Remote Full Time Senior Posted 3 days ago

Blockstack is looking for a passionate and experienced engineer with a strong background in applied cryptography. This person will work with a team of distributed systems experts to implement a new blockchain architecture for Blockstack apps, decreasing transaction time and cost for the Blockstack ecosystem, while enabling new functionality. This role is ideal for engineers who are experts in developing cryptographic protocols, familiar with blockchains, and keen to build a clean-slate system from the ground up.

You will:

- Collaborate with a team and open source community to design and build the Stacks blockchain with the following design goals:

- Decreased transaction times and costs

- Programmable payment systems

- Programmable name management systems

- Hybrid on-chain/off-chain programming models

- Custom per-namespace consensus algorithms

- Protocols for enacting soft forks

- Design and verify cryptographic protocols deployed in the Stacks blockchain

- Implement rigorous and thorough verification and testing practices to ensure the security and performance goals of blockchain infrastructure


You have worked with a founding team building a blockchain, are an expert in cryptographic protocols, and are passionate about our mission of building a new decentralized internet.


- Successfully design the Stacks Blockchain, such that it can support benchmark use-cases of Blockstack decentralized applications, with proven and verified cryptographic protocols

- Successful integration of client tooling with the Stacks Blockchain, with cryptographic protocols that ensure clients interact with the blockchain securely


- Expert knowledge of applied cryptography and cryptographic protocols, including familiarity with state-of-the-art academic literature on the subject and practical knowledge on engineering successful systems.

- Experience in the low-level implementation and protocol details of a widely-deployed public blockchain

- Strong background in security-oriented system design, with a focus on applied cryptography

- Must be able to identify and defend against plausible protocol-level and network-level attacks on the system.

- Strong programming skills and familiarity with programming languages and technologies in use at Blockstack (Python 2, Linux, Bitcoin on our backend, and Javascript on our frontend).

Qualities + Traits

- Passion for building the new internet for decentralized apps

- Strong problem solving skills, ability to think fast and thoroughly

- Excellent communication

We get a lot of applicants, and have historically hired people who are proactively involved in our work and mission of decentralizing the internet. We hope you explore our Whitepaper, Browser, Github, and Slack prior to submitting your resume.


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