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SevenFifty is looking for an Engineering Manager to lead product developer for our Marketplace mission. We're looking for a proven leader whose enthusiasm and experience can help us build impactful, scalable products to fulfill our mission of connecting all sides of the beverage alcohol industry with data and technology.

If you are uncertain whether you are qualified, especially if you are a woman, gender-diverse, or of an under-represented minority, please apply! We would much prefer to have an extra application to consider than have you screen yourself out.

What you’ll do:

  • Manage & coach a team of 4 full-stack developers ranging from junior to senior levels of experience.
  • Enable and facilitate your team's projects, partnering closely with your PM to plan work and help the team execute effectively.
  • Act as a technical advocate and advisor for your engineers, helping them surface and prioritize opportunities for technical innovation, and setting a high bar for quality on the software they build.
  • Hire & onboard multiple engineers in your first 6 months.
  • Reinforce our culture of learning, collaborating, and taking ownership.

What you'll have:

  • Experience leading software teams in an agile environment.
  • Familiarity with all aspects of modern web development.
  • A people-first mindset to leadership, and a deep passion for helping your team members grow.
  • A readiness to share opinions about software engineering and leadership without being dogmatic.
  • Experience with people management (hiring, performance management, etc).
  • Demonstrated success building great products on top of strong technical foundations.
  • Respect for the industry we serve.

What you do NOT need:

  • A college degree, or high GPA or SAT score.
  • An address in or around New York City. 
  • Any equipment – we’ll provide a MacBook and monitor.
  • To drink alcohol! Many of our colleagues do not.

More about our technology & engineering team:

  • Our product development team is organized into three missions:
    • Marketplace - the sales, marketing, and ordering experience in our wholesale marketplace
    • Data Experience - the end-to-end experience our customers' data, including tooling for our implementation and support teams, user-facing data management workflows, and enrichment of our product catalog
    • API Services - services like search and order processing that are both used by the web applications and integrated by some of our customers directly
  • Most of our applications are built as a handful of external and internal Rails apps. We've recently begun our journey towards a more service-oriented architecture.
  • We primarily use Heroku and EC2 machines for hosting our web apps and background processes
  • Our frontends are a combination of React, vanilla JS, and CoffeeScript, in a mix of SPA-style and server-rendered views
  • The rest of our stack & tooling includes PostgreSQL (in RDS), Solr, RabbitMQ, and CircleCI


We are:

...100-ish people and growing fast.

...doing our best to make a difference. Read more here

...former hospitality professionals and start-up veterans.

...distributed; we work remotely and gather together a few times each year.! We meet for team weeks, wine tastings, and lunch n’ learn sessions.

...eaters and drinkers who love to discuss food and beverage.

...changing an industry. Read more here. of Built In NY’s “Best Places to Work” 2021!


Find out what it's like to work at Sevenfifty here.

Perks & benefits:

  • 100% paid individual medical, dental, and vision via Justworks and Aetna.
  • Meaningful equity in an industry-changing organization.
  • Unlimited vacation to rest and recover.
  • 3-months of family leave to care for your child (after your first year of employment).
  • Flexibility to work where you want, so long as you’re meeting your goals.

Our values:

  1. Light the way: Inspire others with your vision for success.
  2. Open the door: Ask, listen, and empower others.
  3. Stir it up: Embrace experimentation and bring new ideas to life.
  4. Keep the glass full: Do more than is expected, for yourself and for others.
  5. Respect the craft: Commit to excellence and integrity in your work.

We are an equal opportunity employer. What does that mean at SevenFifty? We:

  1. Give each team member an equal opportunity to develop and grow into a leadership role.
  2. Acknowledge our shortcomings and try to do improve our company and our industry.
  3. Elevate BIPOC voices in our industry publication, SevenFifty Daily
  4. Do not discriminate against candidates or employees on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability status, or socioeconomic status. 
  5. Have regular, sometimes awkward, conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion in our employee resource group, SevenFifty Community.
  6. Are honest and recognize that our company isn’t as diverse as it should be. We’re trying to change that. 
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Engineering Manager, Marketplace