Data Analyst

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Data Analyst


  • This person will be responsible for conducting data analysis on business data, creating presentations on analysis, and writing software to automate reports.
  • This person should have experience using data analysis to inform decision making on all levels and writing production grade software.
  • Skills for data analysis and software engineering are required.
  • The skills section below covers some of the technology, languages, and tools that will make the person successful in this role.

Technical Skills

  • Experience writing production-level Python code to conduct data analysis.
    • Knowledge of Python libraries for data analysis (Pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn)
    • Knowledge of Python visualization libraries (matplotlib, plotly, seaborn)
    • Ability to work in a data analytics environment (Jupyterlab, database clients, VSCode)
    • Ability to write production code (software design, unit testing, packaging modules)
  • Experience using Excel to assist with basic data analysis
    • Ability to use shortcuts, formula functions, and create pivot tables
    • Ability to create charts and graphs to visualize data
    • Basic familiarity with VBA
  • Experience with variety of relational & non-relational databases.
    • Knowledge in PostgreSQL & Elasticsearch.
    • Must understand DB design (relational and non-relational).
    • Strong in query languages (e.g. SQL)
  • Knowledge in computer science fundamentals:
    • Knowledge of system design, database design, data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, & software architecture.
    • Basic knowledge of building micro-services (REST APIs, Swagger, etc)
  • Knowledge in DevOps tooling and workflows is a plus:
    • Should understand version control best practice (i.e. Git, Github)
    • Should understand project management tools (JIRA, Confluence, etc.)
    • Should understand CI/CD best practices and tools (Jenkins)
    • Should be comfortable working in a LINUX environment.
  • Other:
    • Can handle several projects with different priorities in a fast-paced environment
    • Results-oriented, can deliver quality code quickly.
    • Excellent listening & communication skills.
    • Can work in independent and collaborative environment

Work Experience

  • 1-3 years in technical data analytics or software engineering from a FinTech or tech company.

Education Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in CS, Statistics, or another STEM-related field.
  • Master’s degree a plus.
  • Example projects (hosted on github or elsewhere) a big plus, as this makes it easy to assess code ability and quality. Not a deal breaker, but a portfolio is extremely helpful

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Data Analyst
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