Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

Portland, OR, United States Full Time Senior
Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

AppNexus offers one of the most powerful client-facing products in the online advertising industry: AppNexus Console. Our team is tasked with building an intuitive and simple interface, as well as maintaining the complex and powerful systems that underlie it. Our clients rely on our front-end applications to easily operate and expand their businesses, efficiently buying and selling online advertising inventory. Equally key, is our robust back-end platform, which clients can integrate into directly and our Front End sits on top of. These tools enhance complex workflow rules and validations, expose terabytes of ad serving analytics and performance data, and enable our clients to better analyze and optimize their campaigns. Together this set of tools control accesses to the business objects that drive ad serving and bidding at AppNexus. Our system is powerful enough to handle high-volume requests distributed across data centers on three continents and versatile enough to support their need to understand how their business is performing and how they can better perform.

Consider some of the problems you will try to solve:
  • Prototype to Production: As a bold company where Engineers work right alongside Product Managers, we go from iterating & validating a new concept with beta customers to developing it into production-quality code. Our challenge is to create new interfaces that are intuitive for first-time users and arm them with the capabilities they need to control the micro details of their businesses
  • Overcoming scale challenges: How do we maintain speed, availability, and reliability as our client base grows and the number of objects and relationships within our system increases exponentially?
  • Contribute to the growth of a mature platform as we continue to use open source technologies to increase up-time and reduce latency
  • Modular: We follow modular design patterns, making our components reusable and configurable to support modified UIs based on comparable use cases. Build a new microservice-based platform, which enables our engineering teams to continue to grow and develop products quickly and with minimal bottlenecks
  • Data Visualization: We create critical charting and visualizations that are backed by reporting & data aggregations from the industry’s largest data sets. We communicate relevant data points with intuitive charts and sufficient context to help our customers make the right multimillion dollar decisions daily. Current projects include streaming near-real-time data to our clients in order to give them insight into campaign performance
About the job:
  • Develop new features for the Console UI and RESTful Web Services, the interface to our advertising technology platform
  • Lead technical architecture discussions and help drive technical decisions
  • Debug issues in our production applications
  • Write efficient and maintainable code including automated tests for business critical components
  • Collaborate with Product Managers with diverse technology backgrounds
  • Deploy regular code releases to production and test environments
  • Participate in design discussions about new features and approaches to implementing new services
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to junior developers
About your skills and experience:
  • BA/BS degree and 5+ years of experience in software engineering OR MS degree and 2+ years of experience (Degree in Computer Science or related field preferred)
  • Strong knowledge of and an interest in JavaScript and experience with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.js, React, Node.js, experience with React and Redux
  • Thorough understanding and work experience in any back-end language, such as Java, PHP
  • Demonstrated skill in designing and architecting large systems
  • Experience building web applications for 2+ years and solid understanding of a good API
  • Strong database skills
  • Knowledge of RESTful Web services
  • Knowledge of computer science fundamentals: Object-Oriented programming, design and asynchronous and event-driven development
  • Passion for engineering and computer science that solves user-facing problems
  • Experience writing unit and integration tests
  • Ability to work independently and make use of your time effectively
  • Experience using debuggers, profiles and other development tools
More about you:
  • You are passionate about a culture of learning and teaching. You love challenging yourself to constantly improve, and sharing your knowledge to empower others
  • You like to take risks when looking for novel solutions to complex problems. If faced with roadblocks, you continue to reach higher to make greatness happen
  • You care about solving big, systemic problems. You look beyond the surface to understand root causes so that you can build long-term solutions for the whole ecosystem
  • You believe in not only serving customers, but also empowering them by providing knowledge and tools

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