QA Automation Engineer

Remote Posted 13 days ago

~ ensure we never ship imperfect code ~

Core tasks:

  • responsibility for current manual test process
  • create and manage a suite of automated tests (we’re currently creating tests in Jasmine)
  • work with CTO to keep flow of deployments from dev to test to master going at a satisfying pace.

Skills / Experience we would expect to see:

  • Developer working for a software company in a QA / testing role for at least a couple of years, hungry to take charge of your own project
  • Comfortable and confident in JavaScript and HTML5/CSS. Know how to leverage a range of libraries, build systems and frameworks.
  • Knowledge and opinions about systems and how best to do things - we’re looking for a balance of ‘been there before’ and ‘oooh, would like to get stuck in and learn how to do that’

Por favor, ten en cuenta que en este momento sólo estamos buscando desarrolladores capaces de tener discusiones técnicas en español e inglés, y que puedan trabajar en horas de oficina europeas


Tell me how do I get this job?

We love getting personalised cover letters! It's the only way to get our attention.

We only shortlist applicants who can show why they think they'd be a great fit for the above position.

We're human - tell us why you'd like to join our team, and how you could add value to our work.

Our shortlisting and filtering process is pretty robust, after we've reviewed your CV and cover letter (which usually knocks out 9/10 applications) we:

  • create a long list and do a detailed review of experience / cover letter and supporting information online like social media profiles / linkedin etc
  • shortlist by a second reviewer, to get it down to around 12-14 applicants
  • send them a detailed questionnaire to fill out so we can find out more specific things, including technical questions and any other supporting material (like a portfolio for a design role)
  • anonymise the results for a further shortlist to around 5 applicants
  • schedule 1st interview
  • schedule follow up interview with final decision maker.
  • (optionally) schedule a face to face day or so, so we can work together! :-)
Required Skills

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