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IFC Center requires a highly skilled licensed projectionist to operate and maintain D-Cinema, HD video, and 35mm projection equipment. The projectionist is responsible for ensuring that all video, film, and audio equipment functions efficiently and meets our high standard of presentation quality.

The IFC Center motion picture projection staff is vital to the everyday operation of the Film Center. Operators are responsible for the proper presentation of all screenings and special events. The professional capabilities of the operators are vital to the highest quality audience experience in art house cinema.

  • Operation of D-Cinema and 35mm motion picture projection equipment to facilitate exhibition on 5 screens, 25 to 35 shows per day. Scheduling of automated playback and attention to quality control are the principle duties of the projectionist.
  • Projection of reel to reel 35mm shows, including preparing the film to be shown from house reels. Preparation and subsequent breaking down of plattered 35mm prints, requiring the operator to splice reels together onto a platter for continuous feature length presentation. Inspection and documentation is required for every 35mm print that is handled at IFC Center.
  • Oversight and organization of incoming and outgoing print traffic and shipping coordination with administrative staff, as needed.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of projection booth equipment, including splicers, rewind tables, platters, lamphouses, and projectors. Replacement and alignment of xenon bulbs in film and video projectors.
  • Set up and testing of stage and booth A/V equipment for live events, and monitoring of quality throughout. IFC Center hosts panel discussions, Q & A’s, conversations with filmmakers and live music events before and after film screenings.
  • In addition to the 5 auditoriums, IFC Center displays content on 3 large plasma screen monitors in the lobby. The screens are operated through a central audio visual control system that resides in the projection booth.
  • The projectionist is responsible for administering changes in programming content for the lobby panels. The projectionist needs to communicate with management staff on presentation issues and print traffic issues offering recommendation for resolution.
  • Every film at the IFC Center is preceded by a 10 to 15 minute digital pre-show which changes weekly, or as required. The projectionist is responsible for assembling the IFC Center logo, short film and 3 to 4 trailers in the DCP playlists for every feature film.
  • Participation in special projects and performance of other duties as assigned.
  • The ability to operate D-Cinema, 35mm, and HD video equipment.
  • New York City DCA Motion Picture Operator’s License.
  • A detailed knowledge of D-Cinema servers and projectors, 35mm motion picture projectors, HD video tape and optical disc playback decks, and cinema sound processors.
  • Experience with touchpanel control of audio and video routing systems.
  • Experience with live sound reinforcement equipment, including mixing consoles, compressors, graphic equalizers and microphones, for music and speech special events.
  • The ability to troubleshoot video and audio equipment, including projector automation.
  • General knowledge of Windows computers and interface software for various equipment control.
  • Basic knowledge of Final Cut pro editing suite and Mac OSX.
  • Ability to understand and execute all safety and security procedures.
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