Senior Data Engineer

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What we need:

Data is at the heart of everything we do. Every month, we help our customers process terabytes of data so they can make informed decisions for their clients. We are looking for someone to now be our internal data champion. We need someone to help us establish, refine and teach our teams about best data practices moving forward. This person will help us ensure we are using the right tools for the job and ensure everyone can access the data they need in order to best execute on their job. As we continue to grow, this person will be our champion in helping us democratize data within Logikcull both for us and our customers.

What you'll be doing:
  • Helping us build out and fine tune our data stack (warehouse, ETL Pipeline, and BI tools)
  • Review our current processes and assist in developing data governance process, ensuring it has the flexibility to change and develop as we grow
  • Empower the team by training them on best practices to access the data they need in order to make informed data-driven decisions
  • Working with our product development teams to develop data models to help with feature development
  • Embody our “democratize data” philosophy
What will make you successful:
  • Excellent listening skills. You understand how to get to the heart of a matter or a problem and know that sometime that requires going deeper than just what’s on the surface
  • Excellent understanding of writing performant SQL
  • Experience with data warehouse systems (eg Snowflake or Redshift), ETL systems (eg Alooma or FiveTran) and BI Tools (eg Tableau and Looker)
  • Excellent communication skills. You know how to work with stakeholders to get data to tell a story
  • You have led or assisted in the implementation of a new data stack and assisted the team in getting familiar with the new system
  • You understand object oriented languages and have a special place in your heart for Ruby, Python or Java in particular



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