Fulfillment Manager

Des Moines, IA, United States

Job Description

This position is responsible for leading fulfillment activities on 4 – 8 subscription titles. Responsible for executing plans for billing, renewals, gift promotions and label selections for said subscriptions titles. Issue print orders, cheat sheets, and mailing instructions to the bindery, production and fulfillment vendor.

Coordinate communication of all promotions established by Consumer Marketing and Production staffs and provide title/issue instructions to fulfillment vendor as scheduled.

Monitor activities of fulfillment vendor and bindery to ensure all schedules and deadlines that

are essential to the titles' business are met.

Essential Job Functions


Manage the administration of billing, renewals and gift promotions and label sections for

assigned subscription titles. Serve as the liaison between the consumer marketing,

production departments and the fulfillment vendor for your assigned titles.

Hold planning meetings with the consumer marketing staff and translate the information

received during these meetings into the appropriate language for the production staff,

fulfillment and print vendor. Distribute instruction packet to the fulfillment vendor as



Verify the fulfillment vendor executes all promotion plans as instructed. Issue

instructions for billing, renewal and gift tests to the fulfillment vendor. Create

and distribute the print orders and mailing instructions for assigned subscription titles.

Have working knowledge of binding process and distribution channels. Monitor all label

selections made by the fulfillment vendor and the delivery of all magazine labels and

attached promotions to the bindery.


Orchestrate monthly stand-up meetings to discuss current issue details with Consumer Marketing, Production and Distribution.


Be available as a "global" resource to help other fulfillment managers and customers as needed.


Participate on other projects and responsibilities as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications and Job Requirements | All must be met to be considered.


Bachelor's degree or equivalent training and/or experience.


Minimum one (1) year magazine or product fulfillment experience helpful.

Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Must have strong communication (both written and verbal) and interpersonal skills, with emphasis on tact and diplomacy.Must be detail oriented and profit minded. Must be able to prioritize multiple tasks, under strict deadlines and meet and tight deadlines.Good business judgment.Must be planning oriented and able to organize diverse group of people and operations.Must be familiar with personal computer and current applications

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